Panacea, thank you for your prompt shipments for our pug Peep over the last year.   I do believe the canine soft gels improved her mobility and as well as her coat of hair.   At 16, she is still able to walk.  Thank you.

Valerie S.

We purchased the products to try to find pain relief. Immediately there was results and they continue to everyday. Started with the fast 35mg and then went to75mg for pain. These products are the real deal. My girlfriend is celiac and has had no reaction to them which is AMAZING. She started the PM formula for sleep and it delivers long, restful sleep every night. Thank you Panacea for making a quality product that works!! The staff are so knowledgeable and professional.

You and your company are a lifesaver.

Jeremy B.

I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. At nighttime, while trying to sleep, I can have leg and foot cramps. At other times, the nerves in my legs will create pain and cause me to lie awake for hours. Sometimes I have to get out of bed and walk around to help settle my nerve pain. Multiple neurologists tried several medications designed specifically for pain, with no success. In June of 2019, a friend told me about his pain similar to my own. I took his suggestion and ordered my initial bottle of Panacea Life F. A. S. T. sublingual pills, 35mg. From the first night of using your CBD product, I have little or no pain, and I can receive a full eight hours of sleep. I am now on your monthly subscription program and intend to use Panacea Life F. A. S. T., for as long as I can. Thank you, Panacea Life Sciences, for bringing a wonderful product to market that has changed my MS life.


I’ve been on Panacea FAST for about two weeks . . . I’ve had excellent relief with pain in a small tear in my left shoulder, as well as both knees that have had ski related surgeries.

Anne P.

To have seen and felt a major shift in three of five areas is more encouraging than you can know! When your system has been compromised on so many levels for 20+ years, repair and relief in slow and steady ways is critical. I am so grateful to have found Panacea and I am excited to see how long-term use maintains these results and continues to improve other areas. 

Rhonda B.

He went the entire day of Monday until Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. before having a seizure (this was a big positive, since Brandon has not gone a day without at seizure in the last 16 years).”


The thing that I think it has really been making a HUGE difference on is my Ulcerative Colitis. FANTASTIC….That in itself makes this a miracle for me.

Jack E.

After putting him on a regiment, he is back to perimeter duty, playful, and the inflammation of his tail has decreased.