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How Old Do You Need to be to Buy CBD Oil?

There truly has been an increase in interest surrounding cannabidiol (CBD) in the last few years. As this interest rises, so does the number of questions surrounding it. Luckily, here at Panacea Life Sciences, we are all about answering questions and ensuring our customers understand everything there is to know about CBD. In this article, we will answer one of the most asked questions regarding CBD: how old do you need to be to buy CBD?  

What exactly is CBD?  

If you are interested in purchasing a CBD product, it is good to know what CBD even is. After all, you should research any dietary supplement before you start taking it.  

CBD is a part of plethora of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These compounds are found in cannabis plants, like hemp and marijuana. CBD certainly is one of the best-known cannabinoids, but it is not the only famous one. There is one that is more well-known. It is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  

The acronym THC is probably plenty familiar to you, being one of the most well-known cannabinoids found in cannabis. Its wellknown-ness comes mainly from the fact that it is psychoactive. That means that it creates the inebriating effect generally talked about as a high. Because they are both noted cannabinoids, many believe that CBD and THC are the same in just about every way, especially their effect on people. However, this is not the case. CBD is not psychoactive at all.  

There have been and are different studies that have looked at the possible beneficial uses for CBD. Some of them have found that CBD may be suitable for helping the user achieve a greater sense of calm. For example, this study concluded that after putting test subjects with social anxiety through a public speaking test. They gave some of them CBD and others a placebo. The ones who were given CBD did much better than those who were not. Another area that has been looked at a lot is how CBD interacts with inflammation. This study found that CBD was exceedingly helpful in reducing inflammation that was caused by a lung injury. These studies are just a couple of examples of the plethora of research that is going on in the CBD world right now. It’s worth looking into it further if you are interested in buying CBD.  

We have covered one of the more prominent misconceptions surrounding CBD, but another big one needs to be touched on. It has to do with CBD’s legal status.  

Is CBD even legal?  

This is a reasonable question because CBD does come from cannabis, and that plant does not have the best track record with the legality in the United States. Before we can talk about whether or not CBD is legal, we need to explain some differences.  

Much like THC and CBD, there is some confusion about whether hemp and marijuana are different. While they are both cannabis plants, they are different variations of Cannabis sativa. Their main differences lie in what cannabinoids they have. Marijuana is high in THC content, and it has varying levels of CBD. Hemp, differently, has high levels of CBD and minimal THC. It is legally defined as having less than 0.3% THC content.  

These differences are what determine the legal status of these two cannabis variations. In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed. This is a bill that is reviewed and passed every five years. It affects all things agricultural, including what farmers can/cannot grow or sell. In the year 2018 the bill included a provision that officially legalized the growing and selling of hemp in the country. This is because of the plant’s low THC content. Marijuana is still federally illegal because of its high THC content. There are a quite a few of states that have legalized it on some level. Some only for medicinal use, others for general recreational use.  

Most CBD companies use hemp to make their products. This is partly because of hemp’s high CBD content, but also because of hemp’s legal status. Some states have restrictions on hemp. If you are wanting to buy a CBD product, it is always good to know what your state’s laws are concerning hemp.  

So, to put it simply, yes, CBD is legal, if it is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC content.  

What age do you need to be to buy it?  

Now for the big question, how old do you need to be to buy CBD?  

This may be bit of a difficult question to answer because it varies. The immediate thought maybe that you need to be 21 since that is the legal drinking age and the legal age to buy marijuana products where it is legal. However, because CBD does not have any inebriating effects, as we discussed above, it does not necessarily have the same restrictions as other substances.  

The primary variable in this is the CBD company. Some companies require you to be twenty-one or older, while others require you to be only 18. There are even a few that do not have any age restrictions. It is best to look at a CBD company’s website before going to their storefront if you are under 21 or 18 interested in buying. That way, you do not have to be turned away if they have a restriction that you do not meet. There may also be some restrictions that are in place due to your state’s laws. It is always good to be aware of your state’s laws regarding cannabis in any form.  

These restrictions are usually based on the fact that we still do not know what effects CBD may have on developing brains. There are studies that have looked at only children and CBD (like this one). While the studies that have been done are promising, there are not enough to make CBD companies confident enough to recommend it for use on children, unless prescribed by a doctor.  

To sum this up, there is no one set answer to how old you need to be to buy CBD. It could be 18, 21, or any age as long as you have the money to buy it. To know if you can buy the CBD product you are interested you will need to do some research on your end.  

What kinds of CBD products are there?  

So, if you are eligible to buy CBD in your state, you will soon discover that there are a lot of options to choose from. It can seem a little intimidating if you are new to CBD, so let’s talk about the possibilities and help you decide.  

Oils & tinctures  

These are often considered the simpler versions of CBD products, as they are usually just CBD mixed into a type of carrier oil, like coconut oil or another natural oil. One benefit of tinctures and oils is that you have some flexibility in how you can take them. You can take them by mixing them in with some food or drink. In doing that, you do need to wait for the food or drink to digest before the CBD can start working. You can also take them by placing a drop or two directly into your mouth. This way is faster because the CBD can absorb into the system through the thin skin under the tongue.  


Topicals are a category of CBD products that includes anything you rub or place onto your skin, which has been made with CBD. They could be lotions, balms, salves, or even hand sanitizers. CBD topicals are rather different than their orally administered counterparts. They do not ever reach the bloodstream. Instead, they absorb through the pores. From there, they start working but do not move beyond where they are initially placed. This could give you a more localized effect rather than the overall effect that is usually provided by oral products.  

FDA-approved medications  

There has been an important increase in the number of studies that have been done on CBD and its potential benefits. Some of these studies have led to the development of CBD-based medications that have officially been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Most of these medications are made to help fight the nausea that often comes with cancer treatments. The other big CBD-based medication is called Epidiolex. It is a medication that is aimed at helping reduce the number of epileptic seizures experienced by those with Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndromes.  


You can probably guess what these are, as the name is more than a little self-explanatory. CBD edibles are any food or drink that has been made with CBD. They are some of the most popular CBD products. This is likely because they are easy to take and taste great. Their only drawback is that the food or drink needs to digest before the CBD can enter your system, so they do take the longest to start working out of all of CBD products.  

Capsules & tablets  

If you are looking for something that is more pill-like, then these are the products for you. CBD capsules are the most similar to pills. They are made as soft gels, which means that they are made using liquid CBD extract. This way they may be able to digest more quickly and, as a result, have the CBD enter the system faster. CBD tablets are a little bit different. They are usually sublingual. That means you take them by placing one under your tongue and allowing it to dissolve. Like with the tinctures, the thin skin under the tongue allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream and start working faster.  

This may seem like you do not actually have that many options. However, these are just broad categories of the options you have when it comes to buying the cannabinoid. There are many variations within each category, so your choices when it comes to buying CBD are practically endless. That is not even including the new CBD products that are being workshopped all the time. If you are really interested in the cannabinoid, it may be worth keeping your eyes and ears open to see what new developments may be introduced in the CBD industry.  

To round up this article, there is no one set age requirement to buy CBD, but it is likely that you may have to be 21 or 18. If a CBD company does have an age requirement like that, it is more than likely, they will require you to prove your age with your driver’s license or ID. So, if you are buying form one of those companies, be sure to have that on you at the time to make your and the employee’s lives easier. Be sure to also read the labels of the CBD product you are buying. Most manufacturers have a recommended age for use on them. All of this is to ensure that you and your loved ones are using CBD responsibly and to keep you safe.  

Are you curious about other aspects of CBD? Or are just ready to buy some and are tired of reading articles about it? If you answered yes to either of those, you are on the right site. On the Panacea Life Sciences website, we have several articles covering just about any question you may have about CBD. If your questions are not answered by those articles, then you can send us any comments, questions, or concerns, either through our site, or by emailing us at [email protected] If you are ready to buy, then feel free to check out our line of high-quality CBD products. We have something for just about anyone, even your pets!