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The foodie’s guide to CBD gummies

So, your gastronomic adventures have led you to a new frontier: the world of cannabidiol (CBD). If you are going to explore CBD, it is always nice to have a bit of a guide. This article is aimed at guiding you through the important information surrounding one of the most popular CBD products, gummies.

What even is CBD?

Let’s start with the basics. More specifically, let’s talk about what exactly CBD is (and almost equally as important, what it is not).

Cannabinoids are a specific class of chemical compounds that are found in cannabis plants, like hemp and marijuana. There are over 113 different cannabinoids, CBD is just one of them. There is another cannabinoid that you are probably more familiar with, it is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is such a well-known cannabinoid because of its effect on people. It is what is known as psychoactive. That means that it has an inebriating effect that is more commonly referred to as a “high.” It is the reason that this high is so often associated with cannabis. CBD often gets lumped with THC, leading many to believe that it also causes people to get high. However, that is not true. CBD is not psychoactive in any way and does not cause any inebriation.

CBD is normally extracted from the hemp variety of cannabis. This is for a couple of reasons. One of which is that hemp is much higher in CBD than it is in THC (it has less than 0.3% THC content). This makes the extraction process that much easier for the manufacturers. The other reason is that hemp is federally legal across the United States. Marijuana, which is very high in THC, is still federally illegal. Some states have legalized it on some level (whether it is for medical or general use), but only about 11 of the 50.

There has been a definite upswing in research on CBD in recent years. This has led to a better understanding of the benefits that CBD may be able to offer. For example, this study wanted to see what kind of effect CBD may have on a nervous disposition. The researchers had the test subjects engage in an anxiety-inducing task, giving some of them CBD beforehand. Those who were given the CBD reported feeling more confident about the task they were given. Another study tested CBD against inflammation that was caused by oxidative stress. The researchers concluded that the CBD was greatly able to help reduce the inflammation.

What is so great about CBD gummies?

CBD products come in many different shapes and forms. But gummies are one of the most popular ways to take the cannabinoid. But why is that?

There are a few reasons why people love CBD gummies. One of the main ones lies in the taste. Because CBD comes from cannabis it tends to taste like, well, cannabis. It has the earthy flavor that is so distinct in cannabis. Some people do not mind it, like it even. However, there are many who cannot stand it. In fact, the flavor may be a deal breaker for them. CBD gummies, as you may have guessed, are made with flavoring (generally of the fruity persuasion). This makes it easier for those who do not like that cannabis taste to take CBD.

Another reason for the gummies’ popularity is the ease of control. Some CBD products make it a bit difficult to have a good idea of how much you have taken. Sometimes when counting out drops of a CBD tincture an extra drop or two might come out. CBD gummies are made with the exact same amount of CBD in every individual gummy. That way you always know exactly how much CBD you have taken.

Some people really like taking CBD gummies just because they are fun. It is like eating candy that has benefits beyond just tasting good. Who would not want that?

How to find good CBD gummies

Now that you have an idea of what CBD is and why people love gummies so much, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on some good ones.

The main thing that you need to be willing to do to find high-quality CBD gummies is read. It is always a good idea to read the reviews of the product you are interested in, as well as the reviews about the company that makes them. You should also read reviews that are on their site and third-party sites. This way you get a good idea of what kind of quality their products are without the worry of any bias. This will require a bit of exploring, but if you are foodie, you are probably used to exploring.

You should also pay close attention to the company’s website. A trustworthy CBD manufacturer should use their website as a chance to be completely open and honest about their processes for extraction, isolation, testing the extract, quality control and making the gummies. If the company you are looking does not include that information, it is probably a little shady and you may want to look elsewhere for your gummies.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is third party testing. Most CBD manufacturers do some sort of in-house testing for the purity and quality of their extract. However, that is not enough. Afterall, there may be bias that happens with in that testing, whether it is intentional or not. So, a good CBD company should also have a third party test their extracts, to ensure the quality. This information should also be on their site.

This is just a quick guide, a little introduction, to the world of CBD gummies. If you want to know more, you just need to be adventurous. Try a few different kinds of CBD gummies and see what kind is best for you. We would recommend our Panacea Cherry Bomb gummies. They are made with organically grown, locally sourced hemp and have a delicious cherry flavor. Bon appetite!