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CBD benefits for dogs

How much do you know about CBD oil, an all-natural, highly in-demand product that can have benefits for athletes, the elderly, and even dogs! And we’ve got the scoop on what you need to know about pets taking CBD. This article will describe a couple of essential things all dog lovers should be conscious of when it comes to using CBD. We’ll talk about: 

  • Your dog’s Endocannabinoid System 
  • CBD benefits
  • Choosing the right CBD for dogs 
  • Perfecting the CBD amount to give to your pet 

Fido’s Endocannabinoid System: 

Let’s speak of the Endocannabinoid System first. Something you and your dog and all mammals have in common is an Endocannabinoid System. This series of enzymes and receptors can influence your brain, skin health, digestion, and even behavior. Similarly, the Endocannabinoid System of your dog also impacts your pup’s overall wellbeing. One of the two most predominant cannabinoids in Cannabis is called cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. 

CBD benefits for dogs: 

Recent studies have found CBD to be especially beneficial for dogs. How? It decreases behavior problems associated with fear, discomfort, irritation, and may give a boost to skin health as well, according to some articles. CBD could help dogs even more.  

Researchers are exploring how CBD may have positive effects on various mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, glaucoma, sleeplessness, and more. Now, because dogs and humans seem to be similarly affected by CBD, many scientists are trying to figure out whether dogs may also benefit from CBD in the ways mentioned above. As we talk, more studies on the advantages of CBD for dogs are underway. In time, science will show us more on how CBD will benefit overall health. 

Choosing the right CBD for dogs: 

There are a couple of steps to take before selecting the best CBD product. First is to make sure you give quality CBD oil to your dog. Now, there are many companies out there selling CBD for dogs, but not all of them sell quality products. You should only buy from companies that have Certificates of Analysis from reputable third-party labs. If this certificate isn’t made available by the company, you’re taking their word for the contents. Some CBD products are made from oil with residual pesticides, solvents, or heavy metals.  

Searching the company’s web feedback is also a smart idea. Use third-party sites to confirm that clients love the products as much as the company does. If the reviews or lackluster or if the company does to have a track record of producing quality products, you may want to consider a more reliable company. 

Note that the terms “hemp oil” and “CBD oil” are not interchangeable. If a product uses the phrase “hemp oil” but doesn’t mention CBD, this ingredient is most likely hemp seed oil which contains no cannabinoids, so you won’t get all of the CBD benefitsYou’re looking for a product that is high in cannabinoids, including CBD. The label should explicitly specify how many milligrams of CBD are in the container. You will find the price will be higher depending on how much CBD the bottle has in it. You may also find excellent performing CBD-containing dog treats or tablets. Additionally, they will mention how many milligrams of CBD are in one treat or tablet and how many milligrams to administer per lb. of pet weight. 

Is CBD safe for a dog? 

There’s much discussion in the pet care world about what kinds of CBD products are best for pets and how well they work in comparison to traditional drugs. Veterinarian incorporating CBD into their practices and numerous scientific research has shown that pets process CBD in almost exactly the same ways as people. For most pets, the only side effect is a little extra tiredness from a high dose. CBD oil is pretty much legal everywhere. And it is absolutely safe for you and your dog to enjoy Hemp-derived CBD oil! 

Doses of CBD: 

It is important that you make sure that your dog is given the correct dose of CBD oil. The label should also include dosing instructions. For a good, high quality product, 1 mg per 10lbs of pet weight is a common dosage. This is also the ratio used to calculate light doses of human CBD use! Who knew you and Fido could have so much in commonFor liquid CBD, the dosage may be measured in milliliters, the volume of the dropper, or even in drops if your pup requires a small enough dose! 

Higher doses may be necessary for pets experiencing ongoing stiffness or anxiety. For pet parents who want to use CBD to encourage calmness, make sure to use it in an ongoing fashion in order to make behavior changes. For instance, if your pup has a habit of getting carsick or barking at the door, the problem will likely not be solved by the first dose of CBD. However, a regimen can produce changes over time as your pet adjusts to how the CBD makes them feel. 

CBD may be immensely useful to dog owners worldwide, as it really has great benefits for our beloved pets.