Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP)

  • Panacea’s labs adhere to strict cGMP standards to produce medical grade CBD extracts from industrial hemp.
  • QA/QC testing throughout the manufacturing process to assure consistency in CBD potency and quality of final product.
  • Panacea adheres to stringent extraction and distillation methods to produce a superior hemp oil and the highest concentrations of CBD for maximum effectiveness.
  • Panacea is an FDA registered facility.

In Q3, Panacea was able to produce over 1.65 million soft gels per day. Resulting soft gels are then tested (and if they pass QC) they are then packaged in pouches or bottles.

Panacea is able to produce over 10,000 fills per day. Liquid fill formulations are generated then tested and only if is passes QC will be filled into bottles.


Panacea Life Sciences’ solutions have been physician-driven to provide a scientific approach to the advancement of restorative medicine.

We focus on the digestive system to support overall physical wellness. To optimize the process of introducing natural agents into the human body, we start by carefully selecting high-quality plants and then isolate and extract the naturally occurring chemicals. Our proprietary extraction processes ensure the purity of the active ingredients in our products.

We use these active ingredients to develop our custom formulations which are combined with specific medical delivery systems to maximize absorption into the body. This process provides doctors and other medical professionals with accurate dosing, optimal delivery, and flexibility to tailor treatments to their patients’ needs.


The highest bioavailability obtainable in a sublingual (typically 70-80%)

Soft Gels

The highest bioavailability possible amongst ingested CBD products (over 30%)