Panacea Life Sciences is a Proud FDA-Certified cGMP Facility

Panacea is a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certified facility, meaning we adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines enforced by the FDA.

Panacea Products

Our products are manufactured with high standards and testing to create superior products.

Panacea adheres to stringent extraction and distillation methods to produce a superior hemp oil and the highest concentrations of CBD for maximum effectiveness.

FDA Registered

We’ve registered our facility with the FDA to ensure that we are compliant with federal guidelines.

QA/QC Testing

We have a strict quality control process to make sure you get the best products we can provide.


We work closely with doctors and healthcare professionals on all of our products.

Scientific Approach

Our scientific approach to manufacturing ensures consistency in all of our products.

Softgel Manufacturing

In Q3, Panacea enabled production to exceed 1.5 million softgels per day, including vegan softgels. Resulting softgels are then tested (and if they pass QC) they are then packaged in pouches or bottles.

bottling and labeling machine

bottling and labeling machine

soft gel machine

Liquid Fill Manufacturing

Panacea is able to produce over 10,000 liquid fill containers per day which includes tinctures, lotions, and salves. Liquid fill formulations are generated then tested and only if it passes QC will be filled into bottles.

Approved Machines and Lab

Panacea is an FDA registered facility. Have questions?