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Pana CBD oil for cats new relief cream is administered by gently rubbing the lotion onto the internal skin of the cat’s ears. Research has shown that CBD oil for cats products, such as our cream, may provide relief for symptoms of anxiety, pain, inflammation, and seizures in cats. Your beloved pet deserves relief, our transdermal cream may be able to help them achieve it.



Understanding that when cats do not feel well their eating habits change the PANA Pet®’s development team explored other formulas that were easy to give to cats. With a lot of success stories and positive results we at Panacea Life Sciences are excited to launch the first purposefully developed CBD oil for cats product in the market.

Our PANA Pet® team believes it is best for our animal friends to not have THC in their CBD products so all of our PANA Pet® products are THC-Free.

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  • May be able to help produce a sense of calm
  • Joint health 
  • Wellness for cats who experience seizures 
  • Made with organically grown, locally sourced, THC-Free CBD
  • Made to have maximum bioavailability
  • Give your pet the best care possible
  • Simple to apply
  • Pump applicator makes dosing easy
  • Optimized formulation with feedback from veterinarians
Vets Approve CBD for Cats

How to Use

We recommend using pana CBD oil for cats one pump (approximately 0.2 ml) twice daily. Each pump contains 4 mg of CBD. Soothe the cream on the internal skin of your cat’s ears. For external use only.

Keep out of reach of children. This product is designed for use on animals, not humans.

Consult with your veterinarian before using any supplemented skin care products on your pet.

Cbd oil for cats makes them feel wild again


Support Mental Wellbeing

Support Joint Health

Support overall wellbeing

USA made



How does Pana CBD oil for cats benefits for your cat? Plenty!

Epilepsy and seizures

aren’t too common in cats. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that cats don’t suffer from such problems, and Pana CBD for cats might have the ability to provide help. Many holistic vets and cat owners have reported a decline in the amount of seizures their epileptic kitty has endured since they began giving them CBD. CBD won’t heal your cat’s epilepsy but might have the ability to assist.

Pana CBD for cats has been noted to have calming effect, not just on humans


but on other animals as well.


This suggests that if you have an anxious cat, CBD oil for cats may be able to help your furry friend keep calm. it may possibly help with separation anxiety, former feral cats who might nonetheless be skittish in the home or stress brought on by situations which are potentially debilitating for cats (such as car rides into the veterinarian).

Many cats suffer with dry skin, a disease which frequently leaves their coats dry and dull. Pana CBD oil for cats has been known to show positive results in humans for inflammation and joint health, this may provide the same help for your feline friends.


Our Dedication To You
At Panacea, we are very particular when it comes to testing and quality control. We source only premium strains of hemp to produce the purest hemp oil rich in cannabinoids to produce the finest quality products on the market today. We test extensively (in-house and 3rd-party testing) to ensure every product meets or exceeds the potency and purity criteria. Our high standards resonate throughout the entire chain of custody to deliver our customers a product that works!
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4 reviews for Cat CBD Lotion

  1. Alan Schultz

    I’ve purchased Feline CBD Relief Cream for more than 2 years for my 15 year old cat. It’s great because it’s transdermal cream which is the only thing he can tolerate. It restored his ability to leap onto the couch where he was unable to claw his way up in the past. I also noticed significant improvement in his appetite. I administer it twice a day.

  2. Claire Hurwitz

    5 Stars

  3. Rhonda H.

    I gotta tell you guys about my cat Webster. We rescued him 5 years ago. He was a young cat and the rescue really didn’t have allot on his background.He’s always been an anxious and on the smaller side. We’ve had cat pheramone diffusers for about 4 years. Recently I bought a bottle of Pana for felines. Its been really great for him!!!! He’s slowed down and not so jumpy. EVERYTHING scared him.
    I can honestly say that his quality of life has done a 180. He’s eating much better, beginning to put on some weight and actually play with his buddy in the house more than before. He’s calmed down when we have thunder roll over or when people come over.
    Thank you for thinking of pets!!
    This is a great product and I highly recommend this company and this cream.
    Rhonda H.

  4. LZ

    This is a wonderful product. My one-year-old cat has had feline hyperesthesia since she was a kitten. Your transdermal feline CBD cream is the one thing that helps. Many thanks :0)

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