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These PANA Health® F.A.S.T. Tablets dissolve under your tongue to quickly deliver 25 mg of CBD and may help provide quick relief from aches, pains, inflammation, headaches, and/or anxiety.



Our Fast Acting Sublingual Tablets melt in your mouth to quickly get your body back in proper balance. Each tablet contains 25 mg CBD and non-detectable levels of THC*. These tablets use a speedy delivery system which raises their bioavailability so your entire body can enjoy maximum benefits, like the naturally occurring antioxidants abundant in our hemp oil. Each bottle contains thirty tablets.


  • PANA Health® F.A.S.T. Tablets are formulated to have high bioavailability so you get maximum benefits
  • Our F.A.S.T. tablets are made from our Pana Pure® isolate — our all-natural, organically grown hemp, formulated with no THC, so you’ll be happy — not high
  • 25 mg CBD gets into your system quickly to potentially provide fast relief from pain and/or anxiety
  • Dissolves in your mouth for a fast and effortless way to take CBD every day
  • Can help create a sense of calm and may help to boost to your overall health due to its naturally occurring antioxidants
  • Our rapidly dissolving oral tablets are a fantastic product for people who struggle with or dislike swallowing pills
woman rubbing sore leg soothe with cbd

How to Use

We recommend taking one F.A.S.T. tablet one to two times a day. Place the F.A.S.T. tablet under your tongue and allow it to dissolve completely and then swallow. Avoid eating or drinking for 15 minutes following consumption for best results.

Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended for use by those under the age of 18. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if safety seal is damaged. Store at room temperature.

Please consult with your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any dietary supplement.

rubbing aching wrist soothe with cbd

Fast acting

High bioavailability


USA made

Dissolves in mouth

Goodness of F.A.S.T.

Our rapidly dissolving oral tablets are a fantastic product for people who struggle with swallowing pills. You just place a tablet under your tongue and allow it to dissolve. The skin under your tongue is very thin, which makes it simpler for the CBD to absorb in your system. The CBD itself provides all types of possible health advantages. This analysis discovered that CBD managed to keep people calm when needing to face stressful circumstances. If you’re confronting a stress-filled day, then you might want to try taking these tablets to keep your own peace. Our F.A.S.T. CBD pills are simple to take and provide all types of possible advantages. All this with no THC to fret about.


Our Dedication To You
At Panacea, we are very particular when it comes to testing and quality control. We source only premium strains of hemp to produce the purest hemp oil rich in cannabinoids to produce the finest quality products on the market today. We test extensively (in-house and 3rd-party testing) to ensure every product meets or exceeds the potency and purity criteria. Our high standards resonate throughout the entire chain of custody to deliver our customers a product that works!
  • REVIEWS (35)

35 reviews for F.A.S.T 25mg CBD

  1. jessica carter

    Love this product will definitely get the under the tongue again!!!

  2. T/D Morley

    Amazing company and products!
    We have been purchasing PANA Health® F.A.S.T. Tablets for years (sublingual tablets for my husband since he has trouble swallowing pills). My husband has a lot of physical pain and this helps give him some relief. Not much else does these days so he is grateful to have this product.
    I use these to help me sleep, especially when I’m having trouble shutting my brain off.

  3. Robert Parks

    I really haven’t noticed any difference with my anxiety. Maybe I need a larger dose or a different solution.

  4. Cindy C

    So many products to choose from

  5. Gwen Moore

    I was born with scoliosis and this stuff really helps with my occasional back pain, we have tried all the products so far, but my favorite is the Fast!!

  6. Mr. & Mrs. Simpson

    Love these products! Everyone seems to be getting incredible results with Panacea!!!

  7. Phillip M.

    I had a headache last night … popped a FAST and BOOM… gone within minutes!

  8. Reylonda Moss

    The evening I took my first FAST Tablet, I had been having twinges in my neck and back/side; the kind of twinges that make you gasp and know to not move that way again (until you do). About 30 minutes after placing the tablet under my tongue, my neck stopped twinging. It took a couple days for my back to completely stop swinging and it hasn’t happened again! (Yay!) That was also about the best night’s sleep that I can remember ever having.

  9. Brenna Sasake

    Panacea Testimonial! Y’all this is gold in a bottle! These products have given me relief where there was none; hope when there was none; purpose when there was none; a mission to help and educate about Panacea where there was none; and finally a reason to live when there was NONE

  10. Larry Colbert

    I have arthritis, my hands and feet especially are very painful, Since i started using Panacea i have found so much relief. So i certainly recommend, So far i have been taking the FAST


    Love these products

  12. Ricki Vousacourt

    I got the rest of my Panacea products 2 days ago. I just got back from shopping where I lifted something a bit heavy and my bad shoulder was really hurting by the time I got home. I tried an FAST sublingual tablet just to see if it would help. Wow! 10 minutes later I am asking myself “what bad shoulder?” Seriously guys, this stuff works miracles. The great tasting tablet melts under your tongue and provides 25 mg of CBD per tablet. Who is ready to try it?

  13. Belinda Atwater

    Well I thought my monthly cramps were gone since having a baby. In the last 5 months I haven’t had any pain. Until today. Today Aunt Flo came to visit and needless to say, I was BAD OFF. My hubby has a severe allergy to ibuprofen so I was scared to take anything because I’m breastfeeding my daughter and I don’t want to risk her having an allergy like her dad. SO! I threw a FAST under my tongue.Before it was even fully dessolved, the cramping had subsided and it’s completely gone now! GUYS. I’m a BELIEVER.

  14. Russ Kossel

    I have chronic hives and yes it is amazing in helping my food allergies.

  15. Howard Dtish

    My husband uses an FAST tab before his dental work. It helps. In fact, it had lessened his tooth pain when he took it the days before he could get to the dentist, so much so, he nearly cancelled his appointment! He kept appointment and thank God he did, because he’s had to return for a lot of work. So… he uses CBD prior to his visits, then afterwards, when the novacaine wears off and the soreness is there. The CBD has helped prior, during and after his visits.

  16. Ellen Shenefelt

    Amazing product!!!
    I use take numerous pain relievers until I discovered Panacea FAST. It helps with my back pain immediately.

  17. Grady C

    I use the FAST

  18. Larry Colbert

    Well it’s been 3days since I started taking Panacea fast I do feel a big difference in the amount of pain and soreness in my hand. N the past the first thing I would do when I woke was stretch my cramped hand and it hurt so much. The first morning I noticed a difference. The swelling has gone down a bit. I know there are lots of skeptics out there but that’s ok the main thing is I feel relief. AND i slept past 8:30 for 3 mornings now, Im usually up before 6am

  19. Sammy Trusten

    Best CBD line out here. I regularly use the FAST, Soothe, & Daily to manage all my chronic broken bone injuries. I’ve tried many versions of CBD lines over the years. When I get Panacea …….. those other brands said hello to the trash. I confidently suggest Panacea to anyone.

  20. Nancy Harter

    I had never taken a CBD product before (although never opposed to it) but my pain from a bulging disc in my upper back was more than I could stand. I was taking HUGE amounts of ibuprofen, which now looking back, didn’t do anything. I had a narcotic from my Dr that hardly helped. I was exceedingly miserable. Physical therapy, heat, ice, etc-nothing was helping me. So a co-worker turned me on to Panacea Life, It was worth a shot an couldn’t hurt me.
    Immediately, I was impressed. The FAST really took the edge off my pain! That had won me over, so I moved on to the Daily supplement-I have tried with THC and without. Amazing! After two days, I was not needing any pain relievers. I was taking SO MUCH before. I was genuinely amazed.
    My spouse is a runner and was just diagnosed with a slightly torn meniscus. He is SOLD on the Soothe ointment. He uses a pea sized amount and says his pain is completely dulled.
    This is all from nature. I am amazed at what it has done for me. I will always have these three products in my house, forever. They have skin care, too, and I’m ready to give it a try, too. Thank you Panacea Life!

  21. Durten Jamar

    immediately relieved my hamstring pain after I completely pulled it last week. BIOAVAILABILITY IS EVERYTHING!!

  22. Nancy Harter

    This was my first foray into CBD products and am beyond impressed. I have a bulging disc in my upper spine & the pain was nearly unbearable. I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours & another 12 hour pain reliever, regularly. Nothing my Dr prescribed touched the pain. And I knew the amount I was taking couldn’t be sustained.
    I got a sample of the FAST & was floored how it really took the edge off my discomfort. I then decided to try the Daily & what seemed immediate, I was having no pain at all. I’ve taken the Daily with THC & without & both have worked.
    In addition, my spouse is a marathoner & loves the Soothe on his pinched meniscus. Just a pea size helps his discomfort, significantly.
    I am a customer for life. Thank you, Panacea Life!

  23. Phillip Donald

    I am an active 75 years old. I actually got the Panacea fast looking for pain relief for my bone on bone knee pain and arthritis in my foot and hopefully to sleep better. I have also had Incontinence issues for years. I just started taking the fast last Thursday (4 days ago) & I am absolutely stunned with how it has helped with my Incontinence issues in just these few days. It might be an embarrassing subject however I want people to know what a change its made for me already. This keeps a lot of people at home as its embarrassing to go out in case you have an accident. I was able to be out for 3 hours tonite without any issue – this amazing for me. Please don’t be offended ~ this is a real issue for many people old and young. Wanted you to know that Panacea has helped me with this too.

  24. Peter E Johnson

    Looking forward to news letter

  25. The Anxiety Guy

    I’m a big fan of Panacea’s hemp oil products and would certainly recommend it for anyone currently struggling through physical or emotional pain.

  26. Miranda L

    Just thank you so much for the FAST tablets. This is the first time in 10 months that I haven’t felt like I wanted to die because the depression and anxiety are so crippling. I’m getting ready to place another order once I can afford it, and I’m SO looking forward to these little glimmers of happiness and hope being the norm.

  27. Matt Meyerson

    got some of the tablets to just try them and see what the product is all about. coincidentally, i threw my back out (it is a regular thing for me) this week and do to work schedule didnt have time to do my usual routine of using muscle rub, heat and jacuzzi time to get me back on track. usually it take me 4-5 days to get back to semi-normal. i took two of the tablets on the first day and by the next morning i was about 80%, today is my second day and i would say i am 90%. going to take my morning pill now and see if it cures my back pain. if so, that would solve a huge problem i have had my whole life!!

  28. Ty Oliver

    I am not one to typically leave reviews, however this product went above and beyond my expectations. I have suffered chronic shoulder pain since a car accident 8 years ago. This chronic pain has negatively impacted so many areas in my life but specifically my sleep. After countless pain specialists, sleep specialists, and a plethora of other doctors I had started to come to the realization I was going to be dealing with this paid incessantly for the rest of my life. However a friend recommended I try Panacea and the products they have to offer. My life has been forever changed and I am so thankful to the company and their elite products. They have become a huge part of my recovery and I cannot put into words just how much it means to me. I would recommend this company and their products to anyone!

  29. David Groener

    I cant believe the results i experienced in a short amount of time. This product has helped me with several serious issues that had become chronic. Great value for the results! The fact that there is Zero THC was very important to me.

  30. Kathy D’Isa

    Great product! My patient’s love this brand and the quality. It helps their conditions quickly. The company is very responsive and helps with any issues immediately. I didn’t know other products on the market are crushed up leaves! The extraction process is the only way to get pure oil that works therapeutically.

  31. Iris

    At first I was concerned that it would cause a high, like traditional marijuana and was reluctant to take it. I don’t like not being able to function daily so anything psychotropic wouldn’t be an option Well, it turned out, it was nothing like that. I didn’t feel groggy, high nor dizzy. It wasn’t like something was ‘masking’ the pain. I just felt more balanced, better, everything didn’t hurt any more. I don’t know yet if it can be a permanent cure though. When I forget to take my pills, I feel the pain slowly creeping back.

    It has the potential to help so many people with debilitating pain as well as help with other health issues like regulating nausea and vomiting in humans and animals, not to mention, serious diseases such as cancer and epilepsy. It’s unfortunate there’s such a stigma surrounding the product name. This is a really amazing compound.

  32. Mary

    A year and half ago, I was severely injured while skiing. Originally, I was told that the recovery time was 6-12 months, but after 12 months, I was still experiencing severe low back pain even though I had tried every remedy that I heard about. Then I found that I also had a damaged vertebrae. Surgery was not recommended so I tried a very expensive spinal injection that was not covered by my insurance plan. For about 3 wonderful days, I felt as good as I did before the injury, but then the pain gradually started coming back. After two weeks, there was no improvement. I now realize that I was in a state of depression thinking that I would have to live with this debilitating pain for the rest of my days. The only other options such as a narcotic, ibuprofen, Tylenol were not recommended due to the side effects. I had used medical marijuana during the first year. It helped but did not eliminate the pain and I don’t want to take a product with THC indefinitely. Then I heard about the FAST product so I tried it and it has really helped me be able to function with my damaged vertebrae. Most days are pain-free. When I do chores like vacuuming, I do experience some pain but it doesn’t last long. I think dosing instructions are essential. With the PLS product, I started with 8 tablets per day for the first 3 days to get the product into my system, and then cut back to 6, then 5 and then 4. I think either 3 or 4 per day is the right dosage for me to control my pain. I have been using it for about 5 weeks and plan to continue indefinitely.

    I think the FAST product has the potential to help so many with no side effects. I know so many seniors who are living with chronic pain due to old injuries, recovery from surgery or needing surgery such as a knee or hip replacement, osteoarthritis, etc.

  33. Leslie

    I injured my hip while playing golf, and I found that Advil and Aleve upset my stomach while ultimately not helping subdue the pain. Tylenol also did not alleviate the pain. I found the FAST sublingual finally provided me something that worked. I had to experiment with the dosage for the most effective treatment. The first few days I took two tablets a day, but there was little change. I then took four tablets, two tablets twice a day, and this dosage worked. I took this regimen of four tablets a day for a week and my hip was feeling significantly better. I reduced the dosage to two tablets a day for about another week and my pain was gone.

  34. Boss

    Boss (the dog) – I am a 10 year old Malamute and have endured issues with my back and hip which perpetuated some weight gain…. No judgment please. Anyway, post recovery I had trouble walking and my hips hurt standing up so shedding those pounds seemed like a never ending uphill battle. My owner gives me a FAST tablet every day and I feel much better the past few months and slimming down to my tuxedo weight! I have more energy and even like to make the full walk around the neighborhood now.

  35. Sophia

    I have been using this product for anxiety, and it has been AMAZING!! I highly recommend carrying this product with you if you’re going to be dealing with stressful situations. I like it better than my Rx meds, I can still function normally when I’m taking these, FAST is awesome.

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