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From: $14.95

From: $14.95

Panacea’s Canine softgels contain 5 or 10 mg Panacea Pure CBD with no THC. These softgel capsules are perfect for dogs who are struggling with age-related movement disorders or a nervous disposition. They are a good way to help soothe your beloved pet or help increase their quality of life.



PANA Pet® Canine CBD softgels are made with ingredients, like fish oil, aimed at enhancing your pets’ wellness. The softgel is made in a fish-like shape so the tail of the gel can be cut off and the CBD formula easily applied to the dog’s mouth or to mix with their favorite food or treat.

Our canine formulation was evaluated in older dogs who experience limited movement. We found that the PANA Pet® Canine formula increased mobility in dogs, increased ability to get into a car, climb stairs, and overall increased quality of life. Each softgel is meticulously measured to have the same dose of CBD in each gel. Each canine softgel is formulated with fish oil to help promote skin health benefits and joint health. This makes the product unique compared to other canine CBD formulas.

Our PANA Pet® team believes it is best for our animal friends to not have THC in their CBD products so all of our PANA Pet® products are THC-Free.

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  • Made with organic, locally sourced, THC-Free CBD
  • Fish-shaped capsule makes giving it easy 
  • Formulated with fish oil
  • May help with increasing mobility
  • May help with achieving a greater sense of calm
  • Made to have maximum bioavailability
  • Measured to ensure that each capsule has the same amount
  • Give your pet the best care possible
yellow lab dog eating treat from owner's hand

How to Use

The amount of CBD required may vary depending on your dog’s needs and size. Cut off the “tail” of the gel and either apply to the dog’s mouth (recommended method) or mix it in with your dog’s food.

Keep out of reach of children. This product was designed for use on animals, not humans.

Consult with your veterinarian before starting your pet on any dietary supplements.


Enhanced absorption

USA made


High bioavailability

Care for Canines

You may be wondering, why should you give your dog CBD? The reasons you’d want your dog to take CBD would be the very same reasons you’d give yourself CBD. It’s been reported to provide a feeling of calmness to puppies who might encounter anxiousness. A 2018 study accomplished by Panacea Life Sciences revealed that 86 percent of consumers experienced positive advantages, it is possible to read more about it. It’s also important to talk with your vet to find out whether CBD might be perfect for your pet.

A recent study looked at just how CBD can assist dogs with epilepsy. This analysis gave one set CBD and some antiepileptic medicine that the puppies were taking. The team with the cannabidiol remedies saw a drop in frequency of the pet’s seizures.

It may be worth seeing how CBD may be able to help your dog. Try some Panacea Canine Softgels today!


Our Dedication To You
At Panacea, we are very particular when it comes to testing and quality control. We source only premium strains of hemp to produce the purest hemp oil rich in cannabinoids to produce the finest quality products on the market today. We test extensively (in-house and 3rd-party testing) to ensure every product meets or exceeds the potency and purity criteria. Our high standards resonate throughout the entire chain of custody to deliver our customers a product that works!
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22 reviews for Canine CBD Softgels

  1. Edward Rougier (verified owner)

    Great product. My Sheba loves them and calms him down

  2. Debbie Linder (verified owner)

    I ordered this product and have been using it for my rescue dogs, I have noticed a big difference in the older dogs feeling and moving so much better. I would highly recommend this product.

  3. Barbara Osolin (verified owner)

    While I really wish the 5mg came in the fish shaped easy open capsules like the 10mg, these are wonderful and so helpful for my cat who has severe anxiety, seizures, and pain. I highly recommend Panacea. High quality products, incredible company with customer support that exceeds expectations, typically 3 day shipping, and affordable!

  4. Kelly Dukes (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for a while on my pet. She’s an 11year old lab with hip and knee arthritis. Using Panacea has made her more active and she has an easier time getting up and doing the stairs! I will be keeping her on Panacea CBD long term! If your pet has arthritis, give this a try!!!!

  5. Mary (verified owner)

    My 14 year old Toy Fox Terrier has been showing signs of slight arthritic pain. I was given some samples from Mike at the Pheasants Forever expo in Omaha, Nebraska. I was hesitant at first to try it on her, but after 4 days I definitely noticed an improvement. She seems more spunky and willing to go on longer walks. Yay!

  6. Elizabeth Kelly (verified owner)

    We use Panacea Canine CBD Softgels for our mixed breed dog! She always had difficultly settling down and seemed uncomfortable in her own skin– after using the soft gels twice a day, she is able to relax and enjoy just being calm! She does not wander around the house aimlessly anymore, and enjoys sitting in her bed chewing a bone or looking out the window! The added benefit of the fish oil has been great for her coat and skin as well. Thank you, Panacea!!!!!!!

  7. Michael Scherr (verified owner)

    The pet CBD products work great for my hunting dog. Helps him recover from his hunts and exercise program faster. Really helps him relax.

  8. Royal (verified owner)

    Awesome product!

  9. Shauna Esquivel (verified owner)

    This is about my Granddog Lucy. She was adopted by my Son, his Wife and small Grandson. Come to find out Lucy is older than they thought and developed bad knees. She used to be pretty active with the family. She would go on the walk to school only a few blocks away but when the knees got worse she stopped taking those walks. In the house she would just find a place by herself away from the action. I had become a customer of Panacea this year. In April my Son asked if they had any CBD for dogs. Of course I told him about Canine. I sent Lucy some and she was given one a day and within a month I got a message from my Son saying Lucy has been feeling much much better. She hadn’t been jumping on the bed and now she does! We now have two Grandsons and one Granddaughter. Lucy hangs out with them again. Plus Lucy keeps up with the new dog Bentley who is two!

  10. Kelly Pippin (verified owner)


  11. Al Marvey (verified owner)

    I give my 10 yr old lab the Panacea softgels everyday & they are doing wonders for him…

  12. Valerie S (verified owner)

    Panacea, thank you for your prompt shipments for our pug Peep over the last year. I do believe the canine soft gels improved her mobility and as well as her coat of hair. At 16, she is still able to walk. Thank you.

  13. Brenda Reynolds (verified owner)

    Cranky did not begin to describe my dog if you startled her when she was asleep. It’s downright Cujo, snarling, snapping and nipping. I didn’t know what to do. So called “calming” treats did not work nor did the Calming Vest. I tried a CBD Oil and CBD treats, nothing really seemed to help, and it was so hard to see her distressed like that. I was introduced to Panacea Life Scineces Canine Gel Caps, and she’s been taking them for about a month. I could see improvement with her nerves overall and I was encouraged. I had 5 left, but gave them to a friend whose dog was having seizures to see if Panacea Canine would help her which means I ran out… Three days without Panacea Canine and my dog just went from Sweet Slumber to Full Cujo in .5 seconds when I moved my arm! I had forgotten just how bad it was, and will be beyond relieved when my new order arrives.

  14. Chelsea Terrigan (verified owner)

    Testimonial: I am not sure how many of you speak the language of “woof” but for those who don’t I will translate. Basically before Canine my dogs hated each other. They would go no where near each other and this has been going on for a year. Also my older one has a loose right Knee that could cause him some pain and mobility issues in the future he is currently only 5. I started the Canine for them and changes are happening. They are becoming buddies. The older one is now having less issues jumping up on things and this is great news. The younger one has become a little more chill and not so damn crazy. I tried to get a pic of them with the bottle however its only been a week. I also have a friend who has been giving her 150 pound mastiff canine for a month and she says its a freaking miracle how much less anxiety her baby has. So once again Thank You Panacea. Woof Woof Woof Woof translate…..Peace love and Happiness

  15. Betty Hasten (verified owner)

    This big boy Dozer snores like an old man… After his Canine CBD last night he was quite as a mouse.

  16. Jessiemt03

    I have four small dogs, two of which are puppies and have really bad separation anxiety and and the other two are males and are older daschund mixed breeds, one of which has terrible anxiety and separation fits.
    I started using this product on all of them about six months ago and have seen a huge difference, especially in my two female puppies. They are both calm and mellow when they return from their daily walks in the morning and sometimes evening too, the combination of the hemp oil and the exercise really mellows down their VERY high-strung personalities and they listen much better now.
    And the oldest male, Griff was having trouble sitting down because of his long body and his lower back is arthritic and after giving this to him every morning, he now sits down lower and minds better and is playful with the other dogs as he has never been before.
    The other male Gracie has gotten much more calm when his Mom and Dad leave the house and no longer cries and whines, and when he does now, it is a bare minimum and then he goes into his house and goes to sleep.
    I cannot recommend this product enough, it has worked wonders for our little pack!

  17. Janella Giannecchini

    What’s up to all, the YouTube video that is posted at at this juncture has truly nice quality beside with good audio feature

  18. Chris Hoeber

    Our dog is part of a 4 week clinical study. He takes the gel tab twice a day – we just squirt it on his food.

    He is twelve and aging very fast. But the pain disappeared the very first day. He doesn’t have the strength and stamina that he used to have but he is playing tug of war with our daughter’s dog and climbing the stairs twice a day to see me for the heck of it. These are things that he used to love to do but hadn’t done for a year.

  19. Oliver from Ca

    My Lab “Cooper” is 14 years old. My vet had prescribed Vetprofen (oral) and Adequan (injection). Cooper showed toxicity symptoms on the Vetprofen and absolutely did not want the Adequan injections.
    A friend who trains horses suggested Panacea Labs in Louisville Co. to me
    I started with a gel tab in the am and pm and then supplemented with the Salve directly on his worst hip. Within 20 mins of rubbing the salve deep down into his coat and skin – I saw results with increased activity and a more natural gate.
    Now Cooper is just taking the oral gels squirted on his dog food daily. I rotate 1 gel MWFS and 2 gels TThSun. Like 5 years peeled back. We actually play ball 2x a week.

  20. Al Marvey (verified owner)

    I just received some CBD softgel supplements for my 8 year old labrador… Wrigley…Back in the fall of 2017, he had major surgery to remove a massive fatty growth (bigger than a baseball) on this chest along with a few smaller ones in the same area. He really struggled through that time to heal & get back to his old self, it took way longer than it should have to recooperate.So now, he is starting to develop a few more fatty growths on his hind quarters. I refuse to put him through surgery again. This canine grade CBD supplement will be a positive addition ( I’m sure) to his already healthy regimine. I just want to add more years to his life & life to his years!

  21. SK, Atlanta

    I have a cat with cystitis and experiencing bleeding and sever pain. The vet ordered an expensive morphine drug for her in assisting with the pain which can only be given in small does for a shortened length of time due to the addiction properties in prescribed pain killers. I began treating my cat with 5.0mgs of panacea pet soft gels mixed in spring water and applied to her moist food. Within 4 days I saw a huge improvement in her demeanor, pain levels and relief from bleeding and straining. Although only on the oil for a few weeks now, I can honestly say, I now have a new hope as an alternative to having to
    put my cat to sleep.

  22. Floyd Lualner (verified owner)

    My daughter’s dog (Malamute) has a little bit of hip dysplasia and recently has been crabby and growling a lot at their other dog. We used the Canine samples with her for 2 weeks and the crabby dog was gone. We believe she has some pain so it was making her cranky. The Canine product made her a better dog to be around!

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