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Why Everybody Loves Panacea's CBD Products

Premium Quality

We source only premium strains of hemp to produce the purest Hemp Oil rich in cannabinoids to produce the finest quality products on the market today.

Panacea's Mission

Panacea is a leading cannabinoid company based in Colorado, the “Silicone Valley of Hemp.” Our mission is to develop the highest quality products from industrial hemp in our vertically integrated, 51,000 square foot facility.

Quality Control

At Panacea, we are stringent when it comes to testing and quality control.   Our high standards resonate throughout the entire chain of custody to deliver our customers a product that works!

100% Natural Ingredients

Many of our products contain 100% organically grown hemp CBD and undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest standard of production.

Consistency of Products

Our proprietary formulations and processes provides our customers a consistent and high efficacy product in every single bottle.

Suitable for Animals

We offer a line of THC free CBD products for Canine and Equine. Feline products coming soon!

How to Place an Order

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