CBD Water: why it doesn’t work and better options

If you have looked into cannabidiol (CBD) at all, you will know that it comes in many different forms. One kind that has gained in popularity recently is CBD water. But many experts are saying that CBD water is not the best way to get a daily dose of the compound. Let’s explore exactly why that is.

What should I know about CBD?

There is a lot to know about CBD. It is an interesting compound that we are still learning so much about. There are some specific basics that everyone should know.

CBD is a chemical compound found in Cannabis plants, like hemp and marijuana for example. It is a specific kind of chemical compound known as a cannabinoid. There are over 113 cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Another example of a compound found in Cannabis are terpenes. These are the compounds that give Cannabis plants their distinct smell and flavor and produce subtle effects on the body. A terpene you might be familiar with is linalool, the most prevalent compound in lavender, which has been reported to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. There is a rather well-known cannabinoid that is famous for its effect: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has a major effect on people as it is psychoactive, meaning it makes people high. 

One of the important things to know about CBD’s effect on people is that it does not create a high. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. Research suggests that there are a number of different effects that CBD may be able to have on people. One of them is that it may be able to help create a sense of calm in users. This study found that CBD was able to help keep people calm before they participated in public speaking. Another potential effect that CBD could have on people is that it may be able to help with inflammation. One study found that CBD was able to help reduce intestinal inflammation. These are just a couple of examples of the potential help that CBD may be able to provide.

CBD is normally extracted from hemp rather than marijuana for two major reasons:  levels of CBD and legality. Hemp has higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC than typical marijuana strains which are selectively bred to optimize THC levels. The higher CBD levels in hemp make extraction easier and more efficient. The other reason most CBD is derived from hemp is that industrial hemp is legal throughout the United States. This legalization (which we go into greater detail about in this article) also includes products made of and from industrial hemp. So, hemp is a better option for extraction of CBD than marijuana.

CBD products can be manufactured with full-spectrum oil, broad-spectrum oil, or isolate as the CBD ingredient The types of CBD in products are defined by how many other cannabinoids and compounds that are found in the hemp extract. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum are the most similar. They both have all or a majority of the other cannabinoids and compounds. The difference between them is that full-spectrum has a little bit of THC (less than 0.3%, not enough to get someone high) and broad-spectrum has no THC at all. CBD isolate, on the other hand, has nothing else in it. It is just CBD, nothing else. 

There are many different CBD products available to consumers. One kind are oils and tinctures. These you can mix in with food or drink, or you can place a couple of drops under your tongue. Another kind is topicals. Topicals would be products like lotions and cremes. These are better for more localized uses, as the CBD tends to stay in the localized area when applied topically. Edible CBD products are very popular. These include any kind of CBD product that you eat or drink. Edibles tend to take a little bit longer to start working as they have to be absorbed through the digestive system before entering your blood stream. The edible category also includes products like CBD water.

What exactly is CBD water and is it a good option?

CBD water is exactly as it sounds. It is a bottle of water that has been infused with CBD. The idea behind this product is that it is an easy way to get your daily dose of CBD as it just tastes like water and is easy to control how much you take. However, the question is: does it work the way manufacturers want it to?

One of the important things to know about CBD is that it is an insoluble compound in water and can be sensitive to air and light. Extracting it and making it into proper products at the designated concentrations requires manufacturers produce and store products appropriately.  

CBD purity degrades when it is stored improperly. This means the effective concentration of CBD in the product becomes lower over time so the product will not work as well over time as it may have when initially purchased. In fact, this study wanted to look at how storage conditions could affect CBD. They found that light led to decreases in the level of CBD in the products. The study also found that exposure to air may break down the CBD even more than light.

This makes a huge difference for the potency of CBD water, because most of these products are sold in the same bottles as regular water. They are kept in clear bottles in brightly-lit stores for extended periods of time. This means that even if the product once has the CBD content that was claimed on the label upon packaging, it likely doesn’t by the time it gets into your hands. Then, the minute you open the bottle, the water continues to lose its CBD content.

The studies looking at how well CBD water works are still preliminary. However, as of right now they are suggesting that it likely doesn’t have the effects that other CBD products do.

Another potential drawback of CBD water is that they tend to be much more expensive than other CBD products. A single bottle of CBD water with one serving may cost around $5. Meanwhile, a bottle of 30 CBD soft gels may cost around $30, making it about $1 per serving. You may get more CBD by taking a gel capsule daily than you can from CBD water.

Of course, just because CBD water is not a great option, it does not mean that no CBD drink is worth trying.

What other kinds of CBD drinks are available?

While CBD water may not be the best option as for taking the cannabinoid, there are other options for CBD drinks. Let’s cover some of them.

One of the more popular ones is CBD sparkling water. You may be thinking, what is the difference between sparkling water and regular water when it comes to CBD? The difference is in the storage. Most sparkling waters are stored in cans and those cans are often kept in cardboard boxes. This means that the CBD in the sparkling water is not going to be as broken down as in regular water. There may still be the breaking down that comes with the sparkling water being exposed to air, but the odds of having more CBD in the product are higher.

Another CBD consumable is juices. These are fruit juices that have CBD in them. The benefit of these is that not only are they also often stored in opaque bottles, so they are not as likely to have the CBD be broken down. The other appeal is that they have the vitamins and nutrients that fruit juices may offer.

Of course, if you do not want to buy a specific CBD drink, you can always make your own. Many people will just mix a CBD oil or tincture in with whatever drink they want. It is best to avoid putting it into hot drinks. This is because the heat may breakdown the CBD and make it ineffectual.

Even with these other drink options, it may be better to try CBD capsules, oils or edibles. These are CBD products that are likely to be more stable and work better. As mentioned above, they are also likely to be less expensive.

What other kinds of CBD products are out there?

CBD drinks are not a terrible kind of CBD product, but there are many others that may work better. Let’s talk about some of those.

One kind of product similar to drinks are edibles. These are CBD products like gummies and other food products with CBD in them. They are popular because they are easy to take and taste great. With the CBD being included in the food, it is less likely to be broken down by light and air. One thing to remember is since the food needs to digest, it may take a little while for the CBD to start working.

A quicker CBD product is capsules and tablets. These are products that you either take like a pill or take by placing it under your tongue and letting them dissolve. As these are kept is opaque bottles and do not get very much exposure to air, they are likely going to have the CBD content that the label says.

Of course, there are oils and tinctures. We already talked about them a bit above. You can mix them in with other food and drinks or you can take them by placing a few drops under your tongue. That is actually the faster way to get the oil or tincture to work, as they will absorb into the bloodstream much more quickly.

There are also CBD topicals. These include things like lotions and cremes. They are great products if you are looking for something that is more localized. The CBD in these products are likely to stay in one place, rather than have a more overall effect like most of the other products.

How much is the right amount?

If you are wanting to try a CBD product, this is a fair question to ask. However, it can be a little tricky to answer. Not everyone experiences CBD the same way. Some people require more CBD in order to feel an effect than others. So, it is a very individual experience.

Taking very high levels of CBD could cause some unwanted side effects. These side effects are not life-threatening. However, they are not very fun to deal with. For example, some of those are things like gastrointestinal upset and nausea. So, most people are going to want to do their best to avoid these side effects.

The best way to figure out how much CBD is the right amount for you takes some time and experimentation. You should start small and slow. Start by using a little bit and then seeing how it feels. If it sits well, then you can take a little bit more. Over the course of a few days you can keep building up the amount that you take in order to figure out how much is the right amount for you. However, this does not mean that you should take the CBD until you experience the side effects. Once you reach the level where you are experiencing the effects you are looking for without side effects, that is how you know you have found the right amount.

There are many great CBD products out there. CBD water is not necessarily one of these. It may not have enough proper CBD in it to do what you want it to. If you would like to try CBD, it is probably best to start with an oil, a capsule or a different kind of edible. They are likely to work better than a CBD water may.

This is just one example of the many CBD products out there to know more about. If you want to learn more about other CBD products, check out the rest of Panacea Life Sciences’ site. On here we have several articles covering a number of different CBD topics. You can also find many high-quality CBD products available for purchase. If you have any questions about our articles or products, please email us at [email protected]