Let’s Talk Topicals: CBD Lotion

CBD topicals have become incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. These creams, lotions, and salves allow for localized applications. People are using topicals to increase skin health, reporting a decrease in pain sensation, a decrease in blemishes, and even to decrease scarring.

However, these creams and lotions have a few nuances of which would-be users should be aware. If you’re looking into CBD topicals (or if you have already started using them and aren’t feeling the relief you’d expect), this guide will help you better understand what these topicals are, what dosage you need, and what you might feel.

What Exactly Are CBD Topicals?

As noted at the beginning, CBD topicals are creams, lotions, and salves. Manufacturers infuse these products with cannabidiol, a cannabinoid compound found in the Hemp plant.

Cannabidiol is a substance that has garnered a significant amount of attention in previous years due to a growing body of research that suggests there are health benefits to using it. In particular, one of the unique advantages is that it has been reported to reduce pain. Researchers have also found evidence that it is a potent anti-inflammatory.

Both of these properties make CBD an excellent candidate for potentially multiple skin health benefits.

Given that CBD has the potential to act as an anti-inflammatory solution, it makes a great alternative to support a variety of health benefits.

By mixing CBD with lotions, salves, and other things that you rub on your body, you may put most of the CBD in one place, which has the potential to reduce inflammation in that particular area. The CBD you put on your skin via these salves stays where it is applied and permeates the skin.  CBD doesn’t cross the skin into the blood stream normally. If there is a compound in the topical, commonly called a dermal driver (menthol and DMSO are two examples) that escorts CBD across the skin barrier, then it is possible to have CBD enter the bloodstream.  

It is worth noting that you should not discontinue any current medications your physician has prescribed to start a CBD regimen. It would be best if you viewed CBD as a supplemental substance that you may rub on to provide increase skin health. While the research into CBD’s potential benefits is ongoing and is incredibly promising, the FDA has not cleared it as a replacement for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any diseases.  

What Dosage Should I Take of CBD Topicals?

When people start using these topicals, the biggest question they often have is: how much do I apply? The answer to that is a little more in-depth than you might initially think.

CBD topicals come in two different versions. Manufacturers infuse these topicals with CBD Isolate, or they put Full-Spectrum cannabinoids in them. These different types of topicals may have very different effects. Topicals with CBD Isolate only contain the CBD cannabinoid and nothing else from the cannabis plant. On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD lotions contain multiple different cannabinoids. 

Some people find that these cannabinoids work together in harmony to provide maximum benefit. Other people may find that CBD Isolate works best for them in regards to their condition. There’s no hard rule on which type of topical is better. Your best bet is to try multiple versions until you find one that you like!

Another thing to consider when thinking about dosage and effectiveness is how concentrated the CBD is within the lotion. If you are using a cream with 500 mg of CBD per 4 oz, then that’s going to require a lot less to feel the same effects as a salve with 100 mg per 4 oz. 

With that all said, most creams work if you apply them like you would any other lotion. Don’t use more or less than you would typically use for moisturizing effects. Rub the cream in well so that way it penetrates the skin. If you don’t feel any effects, don’t be afraid to apply more until you reach the comfort level you’re looking for. 

Of course, don’t apply so much that you make your skin feel greasy or oily. If that happens, then you won’t have a desirable feeling!

How Long Do the Effects Last?

After applying the CBD topical, you will typically experience positive benefits for approximately 4-6 hours. After that point in time, the body has absorbed most of it, and you’ll need to put more on to reduce the pain again.

As with most substances, the more you rub onto your skin, the longer – usually – you will be able to feel effects. Of course, everyone is different, so you may find that a small amount works out better for you than a larger one!

What Are Common Types of CBD Topicals?

If having these topicals sounds appealing to you, you’re in luck! There are many products available for consumers on the market. 


You may rub lotions with CBD all over your body. These lotions serve two purposes: First, they provide CBD directly to affected areas. Second, they moisturize your skin, which keeps it feeling good – especially in the dry winter months!

If you are looking at CBD to help moisturize your skin, then a lotion is likely the best solution for you. In addition to providing the benefits of cannabidiol, it will also protect your skin from additional dryness and soreness. 

Bath Bombs

If you’re looking to have a soak after an intense workout to soothe muscles, the bath bomb topical is for you! Add these to your bath routine and enjoy the potential anti-inflammatory properties in the tub. 

CBD has the potential to be particularly useful for these types of situations as muscle soreness is due, in part, to inflammation. When you work out, you damage these muscles. They become inflamed as part of that damage, and they heal stronger than before. When you work out, much of the soreness that comes afterward is due to that inflammation. 

By adding a potent anti-inflammatory to your tub, you may help your body heal faster and be able to exercise again more quickly. CBD can, therefore, be an excellent part of an intense workout routine.


Salves usually contain relatively high concentrations of CBD, thereby providing one of the most efficient ways to target specific problem areas. Other types, such as bath bombs and lotions, are much more spread out.

It’s worth noting that salves often contain other helpful vitamins and minerals to promote skin health. For example, some balms may include vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that has positive benefits for skin health. Antioxidants work to protect your body against the damaging process of oxidization. When that happens, cells sometimes release free radicals. These small molecules will wreak havoc on your system and damage other cells. As you might guess, any compound that is an “antioxidant” prevents this process from happening in the first place. 

CBD is also a potent antioxidant, which means that users of these balms will receive a bonus. If the lotion or cream that you are using has vitamin E, not only are you getting the antioxidant properties of the vitamin E, but you’re also getting them from CBD as well. In this respect, CBD enhances many of the products you already know and love for skin health and beauty.

May I Take CBD Orally as I Am Using Topicals?

CBD lotions and creams provide skin health benefits, but isn’t that also what taking CBD by mouth does? 

If you want some of the other potential health benefits of CBD, it is perfectly safe to take CBD orally as well as apply a topical CBD product at the same time. When taken orally, CBD may provide a whole slew of possible benefits, including supporting joint health, promote mental calmness, and improve immune function. If you want those benefits, you may take CBD oil sublingually while also using topicals. They may both work together to provide pain relief as well as other potential health benefits.

Some who use topicals and oils are worried that it might be possible to take too much CBD and possibly overdose on it. This fear is next to impossible to realize, however. You can’t overdose on cannabidiol. Taking extreme amounts of it may give you some less-than-desirable side effects, but you won’t be able to overdose on it. Most users who have taken too much CBD report feeling sleepy or have diarrhea.

Using A CBD Topical Is Safe, Easy, And Has Lots of Benefits

Using a topical that has CBD in it is a safe and quick way to possibly promote skin health and restore immune balance. 

Manufacturers also produce many types of topicals, so you may pick which ones work for you. If you want something to help you relax and unwind, a bath bomb might be right for you. On the other hand, if you want something to moisturize and protect your skin, a CBD lotion might be perfect. If you’re looking for CBD to relieve your pain symptoms, then a balm might be the best choice. No matter what outcome you want, there’s a topical on the market that will fit your goals.

Cannabidiol has become one of the most sought-after health products in recent years for good reasons – it is versatile and may have lots of health benefits. The full availability of CBD topical products further reinforces just how powerful this substance truly is!