What did Panacea find For CBD And Dogs?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil extract is growing more and more popular due to its many benefits. While many of us humans use CBD daily, this compound also helps our four-legged friends!  Use of CBD oil extract for dogs has risen in recent years and has been anecdotally reported to show multiple potential benefits supporting joint health, flexibility and for promoting calmness. Today we will cover how CBD may help your dog with several ailments that conventional medicine might not help with.

You may very easily find safe and clean CBD oil extract on the market that are targeted for ingestion or topical use for dogs. Today we cover the different proven benefits of CBD oil extract on dogs and how you too may start to explore the world of CBD on your canine. 


What Is CBD Oil Extract?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a compound that is derived from the cannabis plant. This extract is being explored for its many possible benefits for both animals and humans. 

As more and more research studies are being conducted overtime on its uses and effects, many people are using the compound in their everyday lives. It has non-psychoactive elements that may help with stress management as well as overall health and wellness. 

CBD products, if made from a full spectrum oil, may legally contain up to 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  This is a very small amount, meaning you will likely not feel any psychoactive effects from it. It does not give you a ‘buzz’ nor is it harmful to mammals in any way. 


CBD oil Extract for Dogs

While humans use CBD oil extract in different ways, many pet owners have started to administer the oil to their dogs.  Many senior dogs experience osteoarthritis and other illnesses that tend to interfere with their daily lives. It is heartbreaking to see your once healthy and happy pet, have activity limited to stiff joints. 

Research conducted by Panacea shows that CBD oil extract may significantly benefit dogs in managing age-related movement disorders and stress. Apart from research, there are many anecdotal and testimonial evidence on CBD’s positive effects where people share their experience with CBD oil extract and their pets.


How Does CBD Oil Extract Help Dogs?

CBD oil extract has been reported to have many useful benefits for dogs. 

A study conducted by Panacea Life shows that CBD oil extract resulted in dogs having higher and improved movement through increased joint health and flexibility.

The study notes that there was a 36% change of improvement in dogs who used CBD oil extract for a month. Improvement in their ability to walk, run, and navigate their way using their limbs. Panacea Life Sciences study also shows that CBD oil extract may also help improve a dog’s general activity by up to 34.9%

Let’s find out the different ways it may help canines.  


  • Anxiety and Stress Management


Anxiety and stress may arise for many reasons in dogs that include separation anxiety and unexpected noises. This may be noticed by several different symptoms like pacing, panting, changes in appetite, as well as a general lack of activity. 

As a dog increases in age, it is harder for the dog to run like they did as a puppy.  The inability to run freely, jump in the car, or climb stairs causes anxiety for dogs.  CBD oil extract improves joint health and lessens overall discomfort that your dog may be experiencing.

Studies show that after using CBD oil extract for one month, dogs adding CBD to their diet experienced a 24.8% improvement in their general improvement in life quality. They started to enjoy their daily activities a lot more and had improved activity levels as well.

This means that CBD oil extract may help with movement disorders, stress and anxiety in dogs. 



  • Improving Joint Mobility


A dog’s joint health may deteriorate over time. Joint deterioration means that your dog’s activity levels decrease dramatically. They may experience discomfort in walking, standing up, running, or turning around. 

You might notice these symptoms progress through the day. Many pet owners try conventional pain medication, which provides a short term solution that treats symptoms but does not address underlying issues.  Although not substantiated by research as of yet, CBD oil extract may provide both a short term benefit but also help improve joint health over time. 

This study shows how dogs could much more easily do daily tasks like climbing stairs, getting into the car, or hopping over the curb. This data resulted in 35.7% of how much pain might interfere with these tasks. It is also suggested that providing CBD to  a dog who has recently undergone an injury will with the recovery process. 


The Best CBD Oil Extract for Dogs

There are many CBD oil extracts for dogs on the market, which might get confusing when you actually want to purchase one for yourself. Our recommendation for one of the best CBD tinctures for dogs on the market is the Canine tincture by Panacea Life. 

This product is a result of research and development and is one of the newly formulated products by our company. The tincture is offered in three different strengths that may fit multiple dog breeds. Users may choose between small breed, medium breed, and large breed. 

The formula contains certified, high-quality CBD extract as well as fish oil. The ingredients are sourced from clean sources, which make the end product perfect for canines. The oil additionally contains Omega 3 and coconut oil that may help with maintaining a dog’s coat as well. 

Dog owners may use their dropper mechanism to give to their dogs. One of the ways it to dilute it is to mix it with water and then pour the oil on to the dog’s food or administer it directly into the dog’s mouth. If you opt for the Panacea Life Softgels, a designed capsule made for breaking off one end to gently administer the CBD oil extract along the inner jawline of your pet. 

All Panacea Life’s canine products contain no THC and has been tested to be completely safe for pets. It is a very affordable option as well that may help you try out CBD for dogs.  Note that THC may cause your pet to be confused and not produce the positive health benefits we have described in this blog over time may result in liver and kidney damage


What Panacea Found for CBD and Dogs

Panacea is a CBD company that backs up all products and formulas with thorough research and quality control. 

They conducted a study on how CBD oil extract may improve the quality of life for dogs, especially focused on age-related movement disorders, and how a dog responds to CBD oil extract over a span of a month.

 There is an urgent necessity in the canine world to better understand CBD and how it may benefit dogs, especially as dogs grow older and their owners not satisfied with conventional medicine.

Current prescription medicines for dogs were made humans and subsequently adapted for use in dogs.  These medications may only help with certain symptoms for a short period of time. On the other hand, CBD oil extract is helping dogs with long-term quality of life and improving their general activity levels. 


How The Study Was Conducted 

The study collected data through pet owner feedback and aimed to assess different kinds of side effects the CBD oil extract may have on canines.

The study had strict controls and systematic data analysis. Each subject was administered twice daily with a 5 mg dose of CBD with a weekly online assessment taken of the dog’s reaction (over a span of 30 days.)  The assessment was derived from University of Pennsylvania’s Brief Pain Inventory which evaluated 10 different behaviors that can correlate to improvements in movement and quality of life.

Each subject was evaluated one week prior to the study, then through the 30 days of CBD therapy, as well as one week following the study.  


Side Effects of CBD On Dogs

The study also kept a close eye on dogs experiencing any kind of discomfort and side effects due to ingesting CBD oil extract on a regular basis. 

The results determined that the Panacea CBD formula was extremely well tolerated as the dogs did not experience any kind of diarrhea, vomiting, or lethargy during the study. 

All pet owners are recommended to consult with their regular vet prior to starting a CBD regimen to explore suitable doses and how their dog might react to CBD oil extract. 

This may help owners better understand their dog’s body chemistry and how much oil they may start giving their dogs on a regular basis. It is recommended to start with small doses, just like humans, dogs also need a certain period to get used to new medication and compound in their systems. 

It is important that you keep a close eye on how your dog reacts to the CBD oil extract in the first few days. Then after observing them, consider gradually increasing the potency depending on ailment you want to target. 


CBD Oil Extract: Along With Other Therapies

CBD oil extract is good for improving joint health, which is why it may also be used alongside other treatments and therapies.

CBD may help improve agility, freedom of movement, as well as general mobility for dogs. This increase of mobility improves the dog’s lifestyle allowing aging dogs to serve as faithful companions again.  

The Panacea research study opens the doors to further research and development on how CBD oil extract may help dogs manage different ailments, like the effect of CBD oil extract on skin diseases, organ health, and much more!

CBD oil extract comprises a much more holistic approach to benefit health. It may help a dog in many different ways as compared to conventional medications that have numerous side effects that may outweigh any positive benefits.  CBD extracts are much better than injections and IV drips that dogs do not like to go through! With CBD oil extract, you may simply add the oil to the food or perhaps administer it directly into the mouth without them noticing or feeling any distress of the medication itself.  Nowadays, CBD is being added to many dog foods and has become a staple in the diet for dogs, as it tends to possibly help them with different kinds of ailments!


The overall conclusion that comes from the different studies is a CBD oil extract is worth a try if your dog is experiencing joint health issues, or is generally feeling and looking much more stressed than usual.

If you have already tried pain medications that do not help your dog as much, then CBD oil extract for dogs is a great consideration. You’re using organic hemp-based ingredients to assist them naturally. 

These ingredients comprise of organic and certified sources that do not make use of additives that may harm your dogs in the long run. The world needs a lot cleaner options, and this is potentially a great solution. Dog owners may start off with a much smaller dose and allow their dogs to get used to the medication beforehand. You will start noticing the results yourself!

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