What Makes A Dog CBD Product Good?

If you’re considering CBD pet treats for your favorite pooch, you’ve come to the right place. Our pets are very dear to us. Dogs feel all the same emotions we do. They feel anxiety, pain, nausea, and everything in-between. This is why dog owners all feel a great sense of responsibility in taking care of our loyal furry friends. What makes a Canine CBD product suitable?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype when talking about CBD. It’s key to us that we provide as many available observations in this arena as we can. Many places assert that CBD is a miracle cure for your pup, but let’s take a closer look below.

DisclaimerHigh amounts of THC is toxic to animals. Never give your dog Marijuana. Consult your vet before starting your dog on any CBD regimen.

What Does CBD Do to Dogs?

We have a general idea of how CBD affects animals based on a shared endocannabinoid system (ECS). If you’d like to know more about how ECS functions, we have a great article here for you to look at. We do know CBD is non-psychoactive in dogs, like humans, so that they won’t get “high.” CBD is safe for dogs as long as it contains no THC. By this, we mean you’ll want to make sure that the CBD product available has 0.00% THC, as some forms of CBD products are acceptable if the THC content is below 0.3%. However, for pet products, always look at the label to know it is 0.00%.

Research, Research, Research!

Again, not all CBD is created equal. Some contain some levels of THC, whereas pet-specific CBD products should not have any that would harm your pet. In addition to those items, it’s essential to consider that there are likely good reasons. Not all treats are useful or even safe for dogs. For example, it is likely not the best idea to feed them CBD gummies. Apart from possible choking hazards, dogs’ bodies respond to specific chemicals differently than humans. Widespread examples of dog hazard foods are Chocolate, Mushrooms, and Garlic. However, sweetened gummies may contain Xylitol, and this is hazardous and toxic to dogs. It is often used as a replacement for sugar in candy products. While fine for humans, a small amount may cause hypoglycemia, liver failure, and seizures in dogs. Choosing dog CBD products made for dogs from a reputable CBD manufacturer is very important.

Options for Your Dog

What makes a Canine CBD product good is attention to detail on every aspect of its creation. By making sure no THC is within the product, produced by a reputable manufacturer, and making it easy to give to your dog.

This is why Panacea Life has taken great care to keep a watchful eye on how our Canine products are manufactured in house. This way, we ensure quality and accuracy in its development. Within our headquarters, we even have a banner of the Panacea Life team hung, but that team also includes pictures of our dogs. We take our role in helping other small pets seriously. In September of 2018, we here at Panacea Life lead a study on CBD in conjunction with therapeutic management for Canine Osteoarthritis.

Our Canine Softgels show all ingredients on our labels and even include fish oil to boost overall health for your pup. These capsules are specifically designed to allow you to cut off the top part of the capsule so that you may gently administer it along the inner jawline of their mouth. Alternatives are the tinctures that we have available. These may be easily added to wet food or other great treats your dog already loves. We have a one-time purchase of our Canine products available. However, if you find it is of benefit to your dog, we do also have a monthly subscription option, so you’ll never run out. Please feel free to check out our store here to see what Panacea Life may offer.

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