Can Pet CBD Help with Movement?

We believe CBD is a wonderful compound.

All around the world, people use CBD as a natural tool to help them manage problems both physical and mental. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, acne management, mental health care support, or simply a way to calm down, there will be a perfect CBD product for you.

In fact, there will likely be more than just one perfect product to help you out. The world of CBD, Cannabis, and hemp is constantly developing new products and formulas. Nowadays, almost every industry has been investigating and incorporating CBD into its products, from makeup and beauty to medicine and mental health care.

One industry that stands out right now in particular is the pet care industry. 

The world of pet care has started to be revolutionized by CBD, which has been fascinating to watch. More people are now starting to realize that CBD is a great way to help their pets calm down, feel more at ease, and relieve stiffness and soreness.

As most of you reading this will know, here at Panacea Life, we like to take a hands-on approach to the studies that back our products. That’s why we wanted to discuss CBD and canine care today and refer to the study that our team did regarding this topic.

How can CBD be used for canine care?

Firstly, let’s look at how CBD can be used for canine care. Many people assume that Cannabis and hemp-related products are only suitable for humans. However, the chemical compounds which give human CBD products their properties, cannabinoids, provide benefits to all mammals, including dogs.

One of the main ways that CBD can be used for canine care is to help alleviate stiffness and soreness. There are not many over-the-counter options available to pet parents to help ease discomfort. So, it can be difficult to mitigate discomfort and manage health conditions in a dog. CBD is a natural solution with fewer side effects than the majority of pharmaceuticals. If your dog has discomfort, CBD could be the answer.

Dogs who suffer from high stress or hyperactivity levels could also benefit from CBD products, as noted in this Healthline article. It’s still a relatively new area of pet care and research, but people do use CBD for these purposes and have reported success.

What has Panacea Life’s study shown about CBD for canine care?

In our study, we explored whether CBD could be used to effectively manage the symptoms of dogs who suffer from osteoarthritis. This condition causes inflammation and decreases movement in dogs, especially older dogs, and we started this study with the hope of alleviating this where possible.

Before the study and during the study, the owners of the dogs were asked questions regarding their dog’s behavior, symptoms, and pain. These pieces of information were then used to determine the effect that a 30-day treatment of CBD had on the animal.

A good example of the results is the data from question 4A (rate how your dog’s pain interferes with its general activity). The scale for this question started at 1, representing no interference, and went to 10, representing a complete interference. The results from this question showed a weighted average of 5.48 before the treatment and a 3.57 average afterward.

This is an improvement of 34.9%, which is incredible.

The results of our work were wholly positive. The results showed that a low dosage of CBD could have a positive impact on the mobility and quality of life for a dog who suffers from osteoarthritis. This is a very good initial result and opens up the way for future research to be done in this area.

Where can you find canine CBD products?

If you live in a state where recreational or medical Cannabis are legal and accepted, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find CBD canine care products in a dispensary. Local, independent pet stores also usually carry CBD products aimed at use with pets. These products are becoming more popular nowadays, so you’re sure to find something helpful. Be sure that you avoid products that contain THC, however, as THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, may be toxic to your dog.

Shopping online for canine CBD products is most likely going to be your best bet. CBD products have done incredibly well online, and they are very social media-friendly. There are whole communities on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook that celebrate creative uses of herbal medicine like this.

If you’re hunting for canine CBD products, try checking out several stores online. Make sure to research the store before purchasing and double-check the reviews to better understand the experience that others have had.  And make sure you know exactly what it is that you’re buying; only buy from companies that have the purity of their products verified by third-party, independent labs.

To sum up

CBD is fantastic for helping to care for pets.

It has been shown to have incredible effects on dogs who suffer from many health conditions, including canine osteoarthritis as we have researched. It is also believed to influence dogs who have issues with anxiety or stress, which is helpful around noisy events like the Fourth of July or Halloween.

It is exciting to see where the world of CBD pet care goes next. As acceptance of CBD sweeps the globe, we’re sure to see even more people using CBD and other related products to help support their beloved pets. It’s also likely that we’re going to see even more innovative products in the pet care industry being developed as well.

If you’re looking to read more about our studies and research, feel free to look at our website today. We’re always trying to learn more about CBD and support our products with in-depth work.  If you enjoyed this blog post, then we think you’ll love the rest of our work.

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