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CBD (Cannabidiol) for Sleep

They say that a good night of sleep can make a huge difference to how your entire day will turn out. And we would have to agree, but there are so many different pills and remedies for sleep. How do you choose the right solution for you? Some over the counter pills leave people feeling groggy and not bright or chipper like they thought they would feel after a good night’s rest. There may also be negative side effects attached to solutions like those. So, what about trying a more holistic approach? We know what you are thinking, holistic? Does that stuff ever work? Short answer, yes! CBD or cannabidiol is rising in popularity because of the potential benefits it has in several different realms of holistic health areas. And sleep may be one of them.  

First, what is CBD?  

Let us start with a simple question that is often asked because there are several different misconceptions. CBD? What is that? CBD or cannabidiol is one of the 113 different cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. The Cannabis sativa plant is a naturally found plant that has been around for a very long time. The component CBD is found in the cannabis plant as well as a cannabinoid that you have likely heard of more, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a bit more well-known because of the research that has been done surrounding it. Why, you may ask? This is because the THC has a psychoactive effect on the user. This psychoactive effect is often called a ‘high’ or a feeling of euphoria. This cannabinoid and the plant it is derived from are not legal in all 50 of the states. The Cannabis sativa plant comes in different forms. One of these forms is referred to as the marijuana plant. This plant contains very high amounts of THC and therefore has not been legalized in all of the states. However, there are several states that have legalized marijuana and THC for recreational and medicinal purposes. Be sure to know the laws in your state.  

Now, what about CBD? CBD is also found in the marijuana plant, but in smaller percentages. On the other hand, industrial hemp plants are a strain of Cannabis sativa that contains low concentrations of THC.  As of 2018, the hemp plant is federally legal to grow and sell within all of the fifty United States. This is because of the Farm Bill this bill allows farmers across the country to sell and grow the hemp plant. Why? Because the Hemp plant has high amounts of CBD and at or lower than 0.3% of THC found in it. This small percentage of THC cannot get a user ‘high’. However, CBD has gained quite a bit of research in the past and is growing in popularity.  

So, can CBD help you sleep better? 

In general, there is much to be learned about CBD. As prior focus has been on THC because of the psychoactive effects it does have, research on or surrounding CBD is a bit skim. This review looked at all the research that has been done regarding CBD and sleep since 2014 and was posted in 2017. They concluded that there may have been inklings of CBD assisting those who have insomnia. They also found that THC could decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep but could weaken sleep long term.  

This study looked at adults to determine whether CBD may help sleep as well as feelings of anxiousness. Seventy-two adults who had concerns regarding sleep or feelings of anxiousness. The scores regarding feelings of anxiousness increased by 79.2% of fifty-seven of the subjects and the sleep scores improved by 66.7% of forty-eight of the participants within a month. With this information, the possibilities of sleep and CBD are on the rise! Much more research needs to be done, but this is a start and a positive one at that!  

Now what we understand that CBD may be a way to help sleep as well as promote a sense of calm, what else can CBD do? 

What else can CBD do? Other uses of CBD:  

Like we have said before, there are many different ways that CBD has been used. What are a few of them?  

Promote a sense of calm: Like we have touched on before in this post, CBD may be helpful to promote a sense of calm in those who have feelings of anxiousness. In this study, they used brain imaging to test subjects who have SAD (social anxiety disorder). Those who were given the CBD showed a decrease in their SAD via brain scans. Those who did not receive the CBD did not have any decrease. Another similar reason is for the anti-inflammatory or joint health benefits.

Joint health: There have been many different inklings that CBD may help support and increase joint health. Panacea Life Sciences has done a study regarding dogs and their joint health. In this study we looked at dogs who were elderly and had impaired mobility. After four consecutive weeks of using CBD and taking a questionnaire online, these dog owners reported that their dogs had increased activity and perceived quality of life.

Antibacterial properties: In this study they concluded that CBD had the capability to kill certain types of bacteria. Therefore, CBD hand sanitizer was born. This is a great product to use that has less chemicals than normal hand sanitizer. 

FDA approved medications: There are several FDA approved medications that contain CBD. There are a handful of medications that assist those going through anti-cancer treatments and the nausea it may cause. These are called Marinol (dronabinol), Syndros (dronabinol), and Cesamet (nabilone). These medications can only be prescribed by a healthcare professional. Epidiolex is the most well-known. This medication helps those with two severe types of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.  

Skin health: CBD topicals usually never reaches the bloodstream. However, this does not mean that they cannot assist in skin health. In this study they explain that those with and without skin conditions had improved skin health after the use of CBD topicals. They used several tests to test before and after the use of a CBD topical. Their evidence was enhanced by photographic evidence.  

What type of CBD product should I use?  

When it comes to CBD there are several different products that one could use. What is the best for you? Here is a list of products that we offer:  

Topicals: CBD topicals are used to promote skin health. Topicals come in salves, lotions and even creams. The CBD added into these topicals usually never reaches one’s bloodstream. However, they have been described to give benefits from the pores of the skin. These work best when used liberally and often. CBD hand sanitizer is also available for antibacterial properties. We also offer Cleansing CBD hand cream that helps clean and moisturize.  

Tincture: CBD tinctures are an oil like substance. These tinctures are best placed under the tongue. From the mount the CBD is absorbed and goes into the bloodstream from there. This is one of the quickest ways to get CBD into your system.   

Vapes: Panacea Life Sciences does not advocate for the use of CBD vapes. With this being said, it is an option. After being inhaled the CBD reaches the bloodstream through the lungs. 

Soft Capsules: Soft capsules or softgels are CBD in a pill-like form. These are swallowed and then go through the digestive system to reach the stomach. This is where it is broken down and the CBD is absorbed through the stomach lining and into the bloodstream.  

Tablets: Sublingual tablets are similar to tinctures or oils. These tablets are placed in the mouth and dissolved from there. As they dissolve in the mouth the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream from there.  

Edibles: Edibles come in various forms and are similar to soft capsules. But instead of swallowing the product you chew the yummy gummy. From the stomach, like the soft capsules, it is absorbed into the bloodstream by the stomach lining.  

With all of the different products, it is important to choose one that would work best for you. We always suggest starting off with a small amount of CBD and then slowly increase it as you see fit to then reach the potential benefits you are seeking.  

CBD and your sleep 

Sleep is so important and if you are struggling with it, it can cause a lot of harm to your health, work and life in general. Perhaps you are like us and would rather try a more natural way before choosing the over-the-counter type of solution. Again, CBD has been around for a very long time, but research being done is just in its infancy. Keep this in mind as you continue your CBD journey. If a company makes claims that their CBD will do something, make sure that there is research to back it up to ensure that their CBD is of quality. We have all tried counting sheep, a warm cup of tea, and perhaps certain breathing techniques. These may have worked for you but, if not, maybe it is time to try CBD to help you sleep.