CBD for dogs: Make your best friend happy

All we ever really want for our pets is to be happy, right? They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing! Although there is a communication barrier between us, we can almost sense when something is not right with our furry friends. And if you are like us, you will do whatever it takes to make them happy and comfortable again. Perhaps you are also like us in the way of looking for more holistic ways to help your pets. Medication can cause negative effects and who knows if that will be the best option to take care of your dog, cat, or, even, horse! But, CBD (cannabidiol)? Isn’t that weed? How could that be good for your pet? Let us explain! There are many things that have been misconstrued surrounding CBD and what it does for you as well as your animal. Let us start from the beginning!

CBD? Isn’t that weed?

Short answer, no. CBD is not weed, or at least the weed you are likely thinking of. CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. The cannabis plant comes in a variety of variations. The plant that you are most likely to think of when you hear weed or cannabis is the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant has a high percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the component that you have possibly been confusing with CBD. Although the two cannabinoids are found together, they are different things.

THC is the cannabinoid that gives users a ‘high’ or feeling of euphoria when used. THC containing products are not legal in all 50 states because of the potential for mental impairment or inebriation. The marijuana plant contains high percentages of THC and low percentages of CBD. The variation of the Cannabis sativa plant that is called the hemp plant, however, has very high percentages of CBD and at or lower than .3% of THC. This percentage of THC does not have the ability to get one ‘high’. This is why in 2018 the Farm Bill was passed. This bill allows farmers across the country to grow and sell the hemp plant. There are states that have legalized the growth and use of the marijuana plant but remains federally illegal. So, make sure you know the laws in your state! Can CBD get you ‘high’?  No, it cannot. But it does have the potential to assist in increasing your overall wellbeing (and your furry friend’s wellbeing).

CBD … for dogs?

Yes, it is true! There are several products and uses that are geared towards dogs specifically. But what are they? Is it safe? These are great questions that we will answer. Perhaps you already know the reasons that people use CBD, but why give CBD to your pet? They are practically the same reason you would use CBD.

Sense of Calm: Having a happy pet is all we ever want (at least for us). Perhaps your animal is a rescue that didn’t have a great upbringing and they often feel feelings of anxiousness. That is where CBD comes in. In this study, we looked at horses that had feelings of anxiousness and chronic discomfort. These horses were given 50 milligrams of CBD two times a day for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks the results and demonstrated CBD was helpful for the horses who had chronic discomfort and trended to lessen anxiety-related behaviors. This is useful information and although it is studied with  household pets, it is still promising.

Joint Health: Older dogs and other household pets are often seen with joint health issues. That is just the way of life and with animals as active as dogs it’s almost a given. What can we do as pet owners to ease joint issues? CBD, maybe? In this study, we looked at dogs with mobility issues. We asked these pet owners to give their dogs CBD twice a day for four consecutive weeks. One milligram was administered for each 5 kilograms of body weight to ensure the animal was getting the proper amount for its size. This is an important aspect when giving animals (and humans) CBD. The owners also took an online weekly assessment and before and after videos were taken of dogs doing certain movements to see the results. After the four weeks, we found that all of the measures of mobility had significantly improved. The dogs in the study had increased mobility and their joint health was improved.

These are only two specific studies and reasons do give your best friend CBD. There may be many more reasons in the years to come. As popularity over CBD increases, the more research is being performed. And that is exactly what we need! Now that we understand a few of the reasons that one would give CBD to their pets, what products are available?

CBD products for “man’s best friend”

There are fewer CBD products for animals as there are for humans, but we see more arising in the future as more research is done. As a rule of thumb, make sure to ask your veterinarian about giving CBD to your animals before doing so. Here is a list of products that we, here at Panacea Life Sciences, have available and a short description of how they work:

Equine CBD Tablets: These are specially formulated for horses. These contain 50mg of THC free CBD. Tablets dissolve in the mouth and are easy to administer. Each bottle contains 30 tablets. A monthly subscription is available as well.

Feline CBD Relief Cream: This product is made to put in the inside of a feline’s ears to provide the many reported health improvements provided by CBD. Like the rest of Panacea’s pet products, this is also a THC free product.

Canine CBD Softgels: These soft gels are full of 5 mg of THC free CBD as well as fish oil for a range of health benefits. These soft gels are shaped like a fish with an easy twist off end for easy administration into the jowl. Or you can add these to your dog’s food. There are different options available that are tailored to different sized dogs.

Canine CBD Tincture: Our CBD tincture comes in a variety of different milligrams for different sizes of dogs. This is also a THC free product that can be diluted in water, added to food, or administered directly to the mouth.

Note that all of our CBD pet products contain no THC. This is because THC has been reported harmful for animals.

What about CBD for people? Why is CBD used?

Besides using CBD for promoting a sense of calm and joint health, which are used for humans as well, what else is there?

Medication: There are several FDA approved medications that contain CBD. Epidiolex is the most well-known. This medication helps those with two severe types of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. There are also a handful of others that assist those going through anti-cancer treatments and the nausea it may cause. These are called Marinol (dronabinol), Syndros (dronabinol), and Cesamet (nabilone). These medications can only be prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Skin health: CBD topicals typically do not reach the bloodstream. However, this does not mean that they cannot assist in skin health. In this study they explain that those with and without skin conditions had improved skin health after the use of CBD topicals. They used several tests to test before and after the use of a CBD topical. Their evidence was enhanced by photographic evidence.

Anti-bacterial: There have been research surrounding the potential antibacterial properties of CBD.  In this study they concluded that CBD had the capability to kill certain types of bacteria. Which is one of the reasons CBD companies, like us, have started to make CBD hand sanitizer.

These are just some of the reasons why CBD has been used for humans. Along with research that needs to be done for pets, equal needs to be done for humans. Always speak to a health care professional before starting the use of CBD for yourself as well.

CBD products for people

Now that we understand other uses that people use CBD, what products are available for them?

Edibles: Edibles are a fun and easy way to get CBD into your daily routine. But instead of swallowing a capsule (see below), edibles come in a variety of different yummy types. We sell Cherry Bomb gummies. Like soft gels, after swallowing the edible breaks down in the stomach and the CBD is absorbed from there.

Soft gels: Soft gel CBD is a great way to get CBD into your routine. Our soft capsules are taken like any type of pill. Swallow and go! The capsule is full of CBD. Once it reaches the stomach through the digestive tract it breaks down and is absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach. These take a bit longer to feel but, some have described to last a bit longer.

Tablets: This type of CBD is very easy to use. You just place it in your mouth, let it dissolve and you are done! After being dissolved the CBD reaches the bloodstream through the mouth. This is a very quick way to get CBD into your bloodstream. Our CBD tablets come in 25 mg and 50 mg (FAST, and FAST EXTRA, respectively). We also provide equine tablets as well.

Tinctures: The way that a tincture gets into the bloodstream is similar to the way a tablet does. But, instead of a dissolvable tablet a tincture is an oil like substance. With the dropper, place the wanted amount of CBD into the mouth and let it sit there until dissolved. This also gets in the bloodstream quickly.

Topicals: CBD topicals never reach the bloodstream but may provide benefits through the pores of the skin. These topicals come in salves, creams, and lotions. They are best used when applied liberally and often (try morning and evening). There are also bacteria killing CBD hand sanitizer as well and CBD cleansing hand creme available.

Vapes: Panacea Life Sciences does not sell CBD vapes nor do we advocate for the use of them. With that being said it is important to understand them. After the CBD is inhaled it is absorbed through the lungs and then on into the bloodstream. This works quickly but can have negative effects for the lungs.

It is important to note that not all CBD is created equal. Make sure to do your research on what kind of CBD you may want and where a company’s CBD comes from. There are many options and understand these options will help you and your pet greatly along your CBD journey. 

One thing you may want to consider what spectrum of CBD you want. Here are a few options:

Full spectrum: What is full spectrum CBD? Like stated earlier in the article, the Cannabis sativa plant contains 113 cannabinoids and CBD is just one of them. A full spectrum CBD product contains the entire spectrum of the cannabinoids. This includes the small 0.3% of THC as well. However, this amount of THC is legal and cannot get a user the ‘high’. So, if you are looking for a product that will give you all the cannabinoids, look for the label of a full spectrum product.

Broad spectrum: Broad spectrum CBD is similar to full spectrum. But instead of having all of the cannabinoids the THC cannabinoid is extracted out. Therefore, give you the entire spectrum without the 0.3% of THC.

Isolate: Now, what is an Isolate? It is pretty self-explanatory; a CBD isolate is an isolated CBD. In this process all other cannabinoids are extracted out leaving only the CBD. If you only want to experience the potential benefits of CBD look for an isolate.

Make your best friend happy

Our pets are just a part of our lives, but to them, we are their whole lives. Let us treat them with the best care possible. It is important to first ask your veterinarian if CBD is right for your dog and then, when starting out, start with a small amount of CBD and then slowly increase until you feel that your animal is feeling its best. The same goes for you! Ask your healthcare provider if CBD would be a great additive to your daily routine. And like animals, start with a low amount and slowly increase. There are many medications that one could take to ease these life discomforts, but it is nice to know that there are more holistic options for you and your furry friends. As always, feel free to contact us for more information or questions that you may have at [email protected]