CBD Isolate Benefits

What is a CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is a solid or powder crystalline containing >99% pure CBD. This is a widespread practice and is often associated with bodybuilding whey powders. It is also associated with ongoing pain management. Wherein when the separation of carbohydrates fats and minerals are taken away, leaving behind a pure form of protein in a powder form. Similar for CBD Isolate, the process removes all of the other extracted phytocannabinoids, including any THC, plant matter or other chemicals that are not Cannabidiol (CBD). After this, the process is followed by a method of grinding, creating the fine powder that we see in the final product.

Although a faint residual odor may exist, there should not be a distinct smell or taste of any of the CBD Isolate. You may notice the difference between CBD Isolate powder and crystals immediately. The first is separated into tiny grains of CBD to create a sugar-like texture, which is sometimes rejected after the primary extraction process. CBD crystals become bigger and smoother in pure crystalline form. If the product does smell, it could be cause of concern that too much hexane or pentane solvents were left in the extraction process.

How Do You Know Your Dosage?

Everyone has a different metabolism on how quickly their body uses any substances taken. It is no different for CBD. There is no size fits all dosage. Start with a smaller dosage (placing a little bit of powder underneath your tongue), to see how your body adapts to CBD each day. Then after the first week of your body acclimating to it, increase the dosage slightly.

As CBD Isolate contains no THC or other phytocannibinoids from the extract, CBD Isolate’s effects may be more limited than alternative options like CBD oil for Full Spectrum products. Oftentimes the Full Spectrum CBD extract effects are called the Entourage Effect, or the holistic effect from multiple phytocannibinoids in the extract. However, if CBD is the only thing you’re searching for, CBD Isolate is perfect. Without responsible analysis and labeling, products listed as full spectrum tend to be a little harder to gauge in the way of balance between CBD and THC inside.

Will CBD Isolate Get Me High?

Short answer? No. While CBD is derived from Hemp or Marijuana, it does not share the same chemical properties as THC in psychotropic effects. A pure CBD Isolate powder should be just CBD alone, nothing else. Because of this, you should have very little concern about drug tests. Although very unlikely, a positive result can be caused by trace amounts of THC found in hemp-derived CBD oil. CBD Isolate perfect for those who are prone to THC. CBD isolate provides the comfort consumers seek without the concern of having Marijuana in their bodies.