CBD oil for dogs: Can it help with separation anxiety?

Most good things come in all shapes and sizes, and so do dogs, and even though each dog is different from the other, there’s still one thing common in all of them; they don’t want their human to leave them and they don’t like being left alone. Usually, it’s not a big deal; they get sad watching you leave the house for work or any other reason, but for some dogs, this separation can be a traumatic experience known as separation anxiety. The answer may just well be CBD oil for dogs.

According to the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, around 20-40% of dogs that visit veterinary behavioral specialists suffer from separation anxiety. Still, the total number is believed to be much higher as many dog owners don’t seek help for separation anxiety and think that their dog is just “acting out.”   

In this blog, we’ll take a look at cannabidiol’s (CBD) role for alleviating separation anxiety in dogs, but first, let’s review the symptoms of separation anxiety.   

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety  

You may have seen videos of dogs on the internet where they wreck their homes, disregard their potty training, bark and howl unnecessarily, or escape from the house. All these sorts of behaviors are an indication that the dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. Speak to your vet if you see any of the the following signs that may indicate separation anxiety, but remember that other reasons may cause these symptoms, so it’s always good to check with a certified vet to find the root cause.   

Here are some other examples of nervous behavior exhibited by dogs:  

  • Unnecessary barking and howling  
  • Disregarding bathroom training  
  • Frequent urination   
  • Chewing, digging and breaking stuff  
  • Pacing  
  • Escaping  
  • Eating their feces   

Can CBD Oil Reduce Separation Anxiety in Dogs?  

Much of the evidence on CBD’s ability to lower anxiety or promote a sense of calm come from studies on human subjects.  Evidence suggests that CBD may be useful for treating severe anxiety disorders, including separation anxiety. A study found that 79% of human participants using CBD oil or CBD products report reduced anxiety. A Japanese study reported that CBD significantly reduces anxiety in teenagers diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder. Researchers have also discovered that CBD possibly reduces automatic fearful reactions to a certain situation or learned fears that we gain from our experiences.  

Basically, CBD could help you relax, and although all these studies are conducted on people, more often than not, what works for us can work for our dogs too. If you still have doubts about CBD’s role in alleviating separation anxiety in dogs, then talk to your veterinarian.   

How to Use CBD for Separation Anxiety?  

Here’s how you should use CBD oil for treating separation in dogs, remember that this is just a general idea and may not be the best way for your dog. We recommend that you consult a certified veterinarian before starting a new treatment for your dog.   


The rule of thumb for the dosage of CBD oil for treating separation anxiety is mg of CBD for every ten pounds of your dog’s weight. So, for instance, if you have an adult male Labrador retriever weighing 80 pounds, you can give him 8mg of CBD.  Note that CBD is very well tolerated with dogs (and humans), so you can start with this recommended dose and increase as needed. 


CBD oil and other CBD products may take up to 30 minutes to kick in, so it’s best to give CBD oil to your dog at least 30 minutes before you leave home.   


Consistency is critical when it comes to using CBD for treating separation anxiety in dogs, so if you want to see the most effective results, make sure that you give CBD oil or other CBD products every day, at the same time.