Could Cannabidiol (CBD) Be a Boon for PTSD?

CBD products have been revolutionizing healthy lifestyle, beauty, and pet care in the last few years. There are a number of incredible products that have been born in recent years, such as infused makeup, serums, and tinctures. They have all been made with the intention of helping people to feel healthier and happier within their own skin.

One area of the world that’s starting to be truly disrupted by CBD products is mental health care. 

If we were speaking about mental health a decade ago, there would be little to no positivity surrounding this conversation. People with mental health conditions have faced a lot of stigmatization and discrimination over the years.

Thankfully, the stigmatization of mental health problems has been disappearing over the last few years. Nowadays, there are so many more support systems and products in place to help people who are battling mental health issues. It’s truly refreshing to see how many people are fighting against stigma and reaching out to support those who are in need.

In this blog post, we’re going to be looking at the relationship between anxiety disorders and CBD usage. More specifically, we’re going to be analyzing how CBD products may help ease the mental strain that people with PTSD go through. We’ll be looking at what CBD is and what it may do, the effect it may have on PTSD, and any negative effects to be wary of.

One of our main driving forces behind Panacea Life is our community. We are fiercely proud of the fact that we offer high-quality products that may help to ease the pain of people who fight mental health conditions, and we are excited to be able to bring you this in-depth dive into the world of CBD mental health care today.

What is CBD?

To start off with, what exactly is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it is one of the many natural compounds that may be found within the cannabis plant. As this helpful Panacea article notes, there is low to no THC present in CBD products, which means that it is not psychoactive, and as a result, it cannot get a user intoxicated as cannabis can. While you may see some THC in “Full-Spectrum” CBD products, it is less than %<0.03.  This low amount of THC will not get you high. 

What does CBD do?

There are a number of key benefits to be aware of when it comes to using CBD. It is an entirely natural, organic compound that may be found in a huge variety of products. Whether you’re looking for a beauty product, something to help with stress, or to assist with pet care, there will be the perfect product for you.

But what exactly does CBD do?

CBD has been described as an anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation is associated with many health conditions, including deteriorating joint health, neurodegeneration, and poor skin health.   As Medical News Today points out, many people are trying CBD products as an alternative to prescription or over the counter medications to alleviate pain.  

As mentioned above, CBD has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. This ties in with the previous point about supporting joint health, but it is also related to possibly improving skin health. 

CBD is believed to have a whole host of other benefits,  including neuroprotective qualities. Sativex, a 1:1 mixture of CBD and THC, is an approved drug for multiple sclerosis patients experience muscle spasms and the pain associated with these events.  Epidiolex, a pure CBD product, has been approved as a drug to treat rare forms of epilepsy. As more research is conducted, CBD and other hemp extracts may prove to promote mental well-being.   

These are all fantastic benefits to consider, of course. However, the main benefit that we are here to discuss today is the soothing mental effect that CBD may have on the mind. 

How may CBD be used to manage PTSD?

One of the main things that CBD products are used for are to promote mental well-being and a sense of calmness. As there is no THC present in CBD, and CBD does not have psychogenic activity, products will not exacerbate anxiety or panic disorder symptoms THC, the psychogenic component in cannabis may increase anxiety in people with existing disorders, so using cannabis products that do not filter out THC down to very low levels has not been suitable for people with anxiety.

CBD is a great tool to use for generating a sense of calm, as noted by this NCBI report. To be more specific, it’s brilliant for helping to ease the constant anxiety that conditions like PTSD may bring with no side effects unless taken at extremely high doses.

PTSD patients may deal with constant anxiety or stress, some may experience intense flashbacks or nightmares, and some may deal with related phobias like agoraphobia. Whatever the symptoms are, each case of PTSD is related to intense trauma and may cause ongoing mental distress for the person in question.  

CBD products may possibly be helpful for people needing to restore mental balance. Taking gentle and natural CBD products may help to produce a sense of calm and to help people manage their anxiety triggers in a much more holistic fashion. The overall aim behind CBD products in this area is to improve the quality of life for people battling their mental health issues.

This isn’t the only way that CBD may benefit people with PTSD. Minimizing constant anxiety and stress may also have significant effects in other areas of life, including sleep. People with PTSD often suffer from poor sleep quality, but having a calmer hold on their anxiety levels may lead to a better night’s sleep both in terms of quality of sleep and duration.  Having a good night’s rest assists people, both those with PTSD and other forms of anxiety, top have a more positive mindset.

Generally speaking, CBD products may have a wonderful impact on mental health and well-being. People with PTSD may find great relief in using CBD products, as they may help promote calmness, improve sleep quality, and reduce stress levels too. However, the only way to know if it works for you is to try a little CBD at first and work up to a level of CBD threshold that makes you comfortable. It is worth mentioning that for some people, CBD will promote health benefits immediately. For others, the full benefits may not be felt for a week of taking CBD daily.  If you or someone you know is dealing with PTSD, it could be worth your time to look into CBD products today.

What other disorders might CBD be able to help?

Of course, it’s not just PTSD that CBD products may help with. There are a number of other disorders and conditions that researchers are exploring how CBD may help with including: 

  • Reviewing general anxiety and if it’s impacted by CBD
  • Relating CBD to Panic disorder
  • Looking at Social anxiety, and if it is affected by CBD
  • Observing Obsessive-compulsive disorder when CBD is introduced

An important point to bring up here is that CBD products are not substitutes for prescribed medical treatments or supplements. If you are unsure about whether you may take CBD products alongside your existing medication or in the place of something that you’ve been prescribed, please make sure to consult a medical professional.

Are there any negative side effects to be wary of with CBD?

Generally speaking, CBD products are very well tolerated. There are little to no side effects being reported at the time of writing unless doses taken are in excess of 10 mg/kg per day, an extremely high dose.  Most people report positive health benefits that include joint support, mental well-being, and skin health.  

However, to make this a fair blog post, it’s important to go over any potential negative side effects that taking CBD might bring about. It is rare to see negative side effects arise with CBD products, but they do occur in some people- so it is absolutely worth talking about them anyway.

It is important to know that some side effects may occur physically when taking CBD. These are rare and are not widely reported, but it is important to mention them anyway. Some people have reported experiencing fatigue, changes in weight and diet, and diarrhea, too, as this helpful Healthline article points out.  Note that as mentioned above, these side effects are experienced by a small percentage of people when taking very large doses of CBD products.

Overall, CBD products are incredibly positive.

However, when taking any substance or supplement for health, it is important to make sure that you’re taking them mindfully. Try to always know what you’re putting into your body and understand how it might interact with your existing mental health state or conditions.

What else should you know before taking CBD?

Something that’s important to note when taking any form of CBD product is that CBD has not been fully legalized everywhere. It’s unfortunate, but not every state in America or every country in the world has accepted how beneficial CBD products may provide multiple health benefits.  

Therefore, it’s vital to make sure that you always research the relevant local laws and national laws to make sure that you won’t get into any issues when purchasing or consuming CBD products. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see the acceptance of CBD move even further across the globe as we go into the year 2020.

Another important thing to note before taking CBD products is that synthetic products may be very harmful, in some scenarios. This report from the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention showcases the devastating effects that synthetic cannabis and CBD products may have.

This simply means that it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying and to research the company in question before you purchase from them. A good CBD and Hemp provider will be entirely transparent when disclosing their ingredients and processes, so make sure to check them out online before you spend any money with them. If you’re interested in looking over all the documentation for testing Panacea Life has on their products, you’re welcome to look at them here.

Taking a Look at Panacea Life

CBD has been proven to have a multitude of benefits for to produce mental calmness and general well-being.  

People with PTSD may find benefit from using CBD based products. There are many different products available that people may experiment with to help with their mental health and happiness, ranging from edibles and candies to tinctures and oils.

It is worth reiterating the point that CBD users should make sure to research their chosen products and companies before buying and using anything. Additionally, it is so important to double-check that CBD products are legal, according to laws in the user’s location.

In regards to mental health care, in particular, consulting with a medical professional, whether CBD might interfere with an existing medication is absolutely essential. Side effects and bad reactions to CBD products are rare, but they do need to be considered. CBD is a very positive product overall, but it’s important to consume it mindfully.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that, while CBD is fantastic, it is not a replacement for any existing mental health medication or other important supplements. If you’re planning to introduce CBD into your life, it would be wise to get a consultation with a medical professional to help you get it sorted in the healthiest way possible. 

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