Panacea's Extraction Process

CO2 Extraction

The solvent is manipulated into a super fluid state and altered for specific extractions, targeting the CBD trichomes on the plant material.

Ethanol Extraction

Although slower than other methods, this process produces an oil that is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes to capture the full healing power of the hemp plant.

Distillation of Hemp Oil

Once the hemp oil is generated, we can go directly into formulation of product or utilize the capability to further refine the oil for specific applications.

Isolation of CBD

For proper isolation, the distillate must be prepped for introduction into the nutsche filter. A solvent can then be introduced to create a gelatinous material.


Our research and development team will the work to formulate the hemp oil into specific products that are maximized for efficacy and bioavailability.

Panacea Life Sciences

At Panacea Life Sciences, we research, produce, and distribute CBD products that are designed for maximum bioavailability in order to target and treat seven major categories of medical conditions.

Bio-availability Comparison