Announcing Panacea's New, Everyday Low Pricing

Dear Panacea Customers,

Today, on August 8th – National CBD Day – Panacea is pleased to announce that we are reducing the costs of our award-winning CBD products to an everyday low-cost model! The feedback from our customer surveys has been consistent in that our CBD products for humans and pets are amazing and effective, yet expensive compared to other CBD or OTC products in the market. As of today, you will find new pricing on all your favorite Panacea CBD products at

“Panacea has been at the forefront of delivering functional CBD products to the consumer market since 2017, yet we are still seeing an unwelcome misunderstanding at the federal, retail, and consumer levels about this amazing natural plant” stated Nick Cavarra, President of Panacea. “For many consumers, the cost of CBD products has been too expensive – particularly in this current inflationary period – so we felt it was important to bring affordability to these products that have massive potential to help people feel better every day.”

The new pricing strategy allows Panacea’s wide array of products to be more comparable to other nutraceutical and even pharmaceutical products on the market. One of the Company’s goals is to provide products that are just as effective and priced near common over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen. With the growing rate of people who are more mindful and motivated to seek out clean, natural, and organic products, Panacea is excited to put its specialty products on the same playing field as the typical “go-to” medicines.

Launching this pricing change on National CBD Day, August 8th, is ideal to bring CBD to the forefront of natural health products. Along with the new pricing, Panacea is also making a notable shift toward new natural product innovation, combining CBD with other beneficial natural products and better aligning with the company mission:

Providing Alternative Remedies for Natural Health and Wellness.

On behalf of the Panacea team, we are hopeful you will appreciate our move to this everyday low-cost model and take advantage of this pricing on your natural health journey! Thank you for your continued business.


Nick Cavarra


Panacea Life Sciences