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Panacea Life Sciences: Past, Present, Future

The cannabidiol (CBD) industry is currently exploding. Since hemp’s legalization in the United States in 2018, the world has started to see the many benefits of CBD. As a result, it has become insanely popular. There seem to be a million different CBD companies out there right now, each claiming to be the best out there. While many of these companies may be quite good, there is one that stands out: Panacea Life Sciences. Of course, when it comes to things like CBD, it is also good to know a thing or two about the company that you are buying from. Here is some information about where Panacea Life Sciences has been, where they are, and where they are going.  

Female founded & led.  

Panacea Life Science’s founder, Leslie Buttorff, was inspired by her mother. At the time, Buttorff’s mother was 78 years old and had fractured her pelvis. Buttorff had been beta testing software designed to help marijuana companies track their seed-to-sale processes and handle their back-office operations. This led to Buttorff having a good idea of how CBD may be able to help her mother in her recovery. So, in 2017 she started Panacea Life Sciences in Golden, Colorado, naming the company after the Greek goddess of medicine and healing.

Once they had gotten themselves established, Panacea Life Sciences turned their sights to trying to help broaden the world’s understanding of CBD and cannabis. In 2019 the company donated $1.5 million to Colorado State University. That money was put to use research cannabinoids and has already started to show results as CSU and Panacea Life Sciences start to understand cannabinoids better.  

Creating the highest quality products  

Currently, Panacea Life Sciences’ primary focus has been on providing its customers with the best possible CBD products. This has led to the company having a wide range of products for just about everyone. Here are a few examples:  


Panacea Life Sciences offers a few different kinds of CBD topicals, including moisturizing creams, soothing slaves, and hand sanitizers. Topicals are a great way to use CBD because their effects tend to be more localized. Instead of entering the bloodstream (like with most CBD products), the CBD in topicals absorb through the pores and do not move much beyond where they are initially placed. Panacea Life Sciences also offers a feline topical, to help calm and ease cats who are skittish and have a hard time moving.  


All of Panacea Life Sciences’ CBD tablets are melt-in-your-mouth and are made with peppermint oil to give them a refreshing taste. Some of the tablets are sublingual, which means that they are prepared to dissolve under your tongue. This is a benefit because the skin under your tongue is thin and allows the CBD to absorb into your system more quickly. They also offer equine tablets to help your beloved horse with what ails them.  


If you prefer a CBD product that is more pill-like, Panacea Life Sciences has got you covered. Soft gels are pills that have been made with liquid CBD extract. The benefit that soft gels have over hardpacked pills is that they digest a bit quicker, letting the CBD start its work faster. Panacea Life Sciences offers a wide range of soft gels from basic CBD to ones made with melatonin aimed at helping with sleep. Panacea Life Sciences also have soft gels that are made for dogs. This way, you can help provide your pup with a greater sense of calm or potentially help an older dog with their movements.  


There is a good chance you can guess what edibles are, as their name is relatively self-explanatory. They are food or drink that have been made with CBD extract. They are one of the most popular forms for CBD products as they are easy to make and taste great. Panacea Life Sciences have their own great CBD edibles. They are Cherry Bomb CBD gummies. These gummies are made for daily use and have a delicious cherry flavor.  


CBD oils are pretty pure, they are CBD extract mixed with a carrier oil (like coconut oil, for example). Panacea Life Sciences has CBD oils that come in different strengths and flavors. These oil bottles have droppers; this way, you can easily control how much you mix in with a smoothie or drop directly into your mouth. Panacea Life Sciences also carries Canine CBD Oil Drops. That way, if you have a picky pup, you can mix the CBD in oil in with their food, making administrating a much simpler job.  

These are just what products they have at the time that this article was written. As this company is always developing new products, it is more than likely that this list will grow with all kinds of exciting and high-quality CBD products.  

Leading the industry into the future  

It is hard to say what exactly the future holds for Panacea Life Sciences, but it does seem exciting. This is mainly due to the fact that Panacea Life Sciences is always developing new products for people and pets (like CBD hand sanitizer, for example). The company also is constantly trying to learn everything there is to know about CBD as they continue to help fund research and do their own.  

Whatever promising areas the future has to offer the CBD industry, it is clear to see that Panacea Life Sciences will be at the forefront. It will be worth keeping an eye on this company to see what other developments will come from them.  

Panacea Life Sciences has made a serious splash in the CBD industry, and it is not hard to see why when you understand their story. They have shown dedication to producing the highest quality products possible and to helping the world have a better understanding of what CBD is and how it may help people. By the way, not only did Buttorff’s mother make a full recovery from her injury, but she is now 82 and regularly attends Zumba classes.