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All Canine CBD Oil Drops Certificates of Analysis

Choose your batch printed on the side of your bottle or based on date of purchase:

CN12C2102 Large Breed 03/12/2021
CN12C2101 Small Breed 150mg 03/12/2021
CN18L2001 Small Breed 150mg 12/18/2020
CN14L2001 Large Breed 12/14/2020
CN25I2001 Large Breed 09/25/2020
CN22G2001 Large Breed 07/22/2020
CN22G2002 Small Breed 150mg 07/22/2020
CN20B2002 Small Breed 150mg 02/20/2020
CN20B2003 Large Breed 02/20/2020
CN20B2001 Small Breed 60mg 02/20/2020
TN21A2001 Large Breed 01/08/2020
TN08A2001 Medium Breed 01/08/2020
TN08J1902 Medium Breed 10/08/2019
TN08J1903 Large Breed 10/08/2019
TN08J1901 Small Breed 60mg 10/08/2019

Our Dedication To You

At Panacea, we are very particular when it comes to testing and quality control. We source only premium strains of hemp to produce the purest Hemp Oil rich in cannabinoids to produce the finest quality products on the market today. We test extensively to ensure every product meets or exceeds potency and purity criteria. Our high standards resonate throughout the entire chain of custody to deliver our customers a product that works! If you have any questions about a certificate of analysis, please contact us.