Are pure drops CBD Oil Side Effects Dangerous?

Pure drops CBD Oil is a natural compound that is increasingly rising in popularity. But do we know if the CBD is safe? CBD is a 100% natural cannabinoid compound present in cannabis plants. CBD does not induce any psychoactive effects of any kind, unlike its technically illegal sibling, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In other words, if you’re wondering if CBD is going to get you “high”, the answer is a definite no.  

However, while pure drops CBD Oil may be beneficial, as with many items we eat, there are possible side-effects. Fortunately, there are just a few unlikely side effects from CBD ingestion, like low blood pressure, dry mouth, suppression of hepatic drug metabolism, and fatigue. Below are the side effects that might possibly be present after using CBD oil. 

Side Effects of Consuming CBD   

Though CBD products are becoming popular worldwide, there is still misinformation related to CBD and its side effects. When consuming CBD, it is unlikely to cause any serious side effects or causes a euphoric sensation. Therefore, pure drops CBD Oil and its products are considered as one of the safest sources of cannabinoids. The fact, however, is that manufacturers sell pure drops CBD Oil in multiple forms, such as gel capsules, skin creams, edibles, and tinctures, which may lead to various side effects, depending on the way CBD is used. 

When Taken by Mouth  

CBD items are usually safe to eat, and the vast majority of individuals can ingest CBD oil without suffering adverse side effects. The same low risk of undesired symptoms occurs when CBD is taken by mouth or sprayed under the tongue. When it comes to side effects from oral pure drops CBD Oil intake, they can include lightheadedness, dry mouth, and dizziness. The FDA-approved Epidiolex has also been linked to changes in appetite, vomiting, and nausea, as well as diarrhea. These negative effects are rare unless the dose consumed is very high, over 10 mg per Kg of body weight, which is approximately 750 mg for the average American.  These side effects rapidly disappear if the CBD dosage is lowered or stopped. 

Dry Mouth  

The use of CBD can trigger what is called “cotton mouth” by cannabis enthusiasts. Such a dry mouth reaction tends to be the result of CBD interactions with oral CB receptors known as submandibular glands. As a result, this activity appears to reduce the production of saliva. A lot of water before and after the use of CBD oil will help prevent this side reaction. 

Inhibition of Hepatic Drug Metabolism  

CBD may also inhibit the synthesis of hepatic drugs, which are responsible for the degradation of most prescription products. To be more specific, CBD momentarily neutralizes the enzyme cytochrome P-450. 

Blood Pressure  

Pure drops CBD Oil is known to slightly affect blood pressure at high doses. The major effects on blood pressure are with those individuals taking blood pressure medication, which is what is referred to as a drug-drug interaction.  CBD inhibits the metabolism of blood pressure medication which either causes specific medications to lose efficacy resulting in an elevation in blood pressure or can inhibit the liver from breaking down the prescription medication increasing its concentration in the blood.  The increase in concentration leads to the prescription medication causing a greater effect on lowering blood pressure which can lead to light-headedness, dizziness and potentially fainting, especially when standing from a sitting or prone position.   


In general, higher doses of CBD can often contribute to weakness or somnolence. As a result, doctors do not suggest consuming CBD before or during driving. 

When Applied to the Skin  

CBD is not risk-free when applied to the skin. There is currently no credible information to know whether there are any side effects when CBD is added to the skin. However, an allergic reaction may often take place. 

Benefits of CBD 

May Help with ADHD  

People with ADHD have difficulty concentrating on the different tasks at hand. They appear to have issues with attention and cognitive function. CBD has shown promise in encouraging concentration and supporting ADHD patients. 

May Help Fight Insomnia  

Do you have trouble getting to sleep right now? If so, then pure drops CBD Oil may be a potential solution to minimize insomnia or other sleeping problems you could encounter. This is due to the ability of CBD to help achieve a greater sense of calm. 

May Help with Achieving a Heightened Sense of Calm 

Several medical studies have shown that pure drops CBD Oil may alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression in individuals. Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD does not only affect military veterans. Even people who have undergone a psychiatric illness will also have a propensity to have a condition. In the linked study, CBD oil was been shown to have a positive effect on individuals with PTSD. In reality, CBD oil may help regulate the fight or the flight response, preventing it from overdriving. 

May Help with Discomfort 

Pure drops CBD Oil may help alleviate a wide range of symptoms, ranging from neuropathic pain caused by multiple sclerosis to physical pain caused by poor joint health. 

May Help Prevents Acne  

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD also help to minimize sebum development in the skin. Sebum, as has already been known, is a natural oil formed by the skin. When excessive quantities of sebum are formed, the effect is acne. 

Where to Buy CBD? 

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