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From: $25.95

From: $25.95

Panacea’s Soothe salve is made from our unique blend all-natural moisturizers, essential oils and Colorado grown CBD hemp oil formulated for long lasting relief. All-natural moisturizers and essentials oils to bring you soothing, targeted relief of life’s aches and pains. Apply locally to the target area and the high-quality salve will be noticeably effective, yet gentle on the skin. Soothe comes in two sizes and strengths; a 0.5 oz. and 1 oz. containing 250 and 1000 mg of CBD, respectively. You’re going to want to get a subscription of this stuff so you never run out!



Panacea’s Soothe CBD Salve continues to be a consumer favorite. Made from our unique blend of Colorado-grown hemp, essential oils, and moisturizers, you’ll feel strong, long-lasting, and soothing relief. The salve has a localized effect, so the area to which it’s applied will feel the fullest effects possible. Soothe comes in two sizes and strengths; a 0.5 oz. and 1 oz. containing 250 and 1000 mg of CBD, respectively. You’re going to want to get a subscription of this stuff so you never run out!


  • PANA Health® CBD topical salve has a localized effect which may provide long-lasting relief to muscle and joint soreness
  • Soothing salve melts into your skin — a little goes a long way
  • Made from unique blend of Colorado-grown hemp, essential oils and moisturizers
  • Two options: 250 mg CBD with Non-Detectable levels of THC or a full spectrum 1000 mg CBD
  • Effective, yet gentle on the skin
  • A Panacea best-seller!

How to Use

Massage into sore or troubled area as often as needed. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Keep this product out of the reach of children. This product was not designed for persons under the age of 18. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if safety seal is damaged. Store at room temperature.

Please consult with your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any supplemented skin care product.

Gentle on skin


USA made


Soothe Yourself

Many people struggle with the issues that come along with inflammation. As CBD becomes more popular studies on which it can do increases. Among these are studies on how CBD may be able to enhance the quality of everyday lives of people who fight inflammation.

Inflammation may lead to all types of problems including decreased mobility. Recent studies suggest that CBD may have the ability to increase the quality of life of those who struggle with inflammation. One of these studies, conducted in 2012, looked at CBD effects on spinal inflammation in mice. They found that CBD helped fight the inflammation by targeting certain receptors associated with the affliction.

Among the benefits of working with a cream over another CBD product is that it is localized. You’re more likely to find a concentrated effect than you would with something like a capsule. Other products will have more of an overall effect. If you’re really struggling with something that is centered in one area of your body and cream might be the best option for you.


Our Dedication To You
At Panacea, we are very particular when it comes to testing and quality control. We source only premium strains of hemp to produce the purest Hemp Oil rich in cannabinoids to produce the finest quality products on the market today. We test extensively to ensure every product meets or exceeds potency and purity criteria. Our high standards resonate throughout the entire chain of custody to deliver our customers a product that works!
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24 reviews for Soothe CBD Salve

  1. Gregg Stepp (verified owner)

    At the risk of sounding cheesy, the soothe has been borderline life changing. I am 52 and have a lot of “old” muscle soreness. Knee, shoulder and hip issues have plagued me for years. Before I play golf, I use the 250 salve during my warmup and if needed, after, and I simply just don’t hurt like I used to after playing. I was so skeptical and I was so wrong.

  2. Walton (verified owner)

    I really like the Soothe. It has a great effect on my knee pain. Really any joint pain I have. I was a little skeptical when my sister suggested I try it, but it really works and gives me longer relief than other products I’ve tried.

  3. Sharon Crearon (verified owner)

    I have been dealing with a nagging heel spur for months and did not want a steroid injection. I got the Panacea Life Sciences Soothe Topical Salve last week. Last night my heel was throbbing in pain. I manger to grab the topical salve and put a “dab” where the pain was, which was on the outer side of my heel. Within 20 minutes the pain was gone! I could not believe such a little dab would actually work but it did. I was able to go to sleep without pain keeping me up all night. The next day my foot only had very mild discomfort so it seems to last awhile. Happy Customer!
    Thank you Panacea for making a excellent product.

  4. Ron (verified owner)

    We have soothe and I’ve used it on one of my kids twice this week for a couple different contusions. Seems to have really helped him.
    I use it daily on my feet after work and love it.

  5. Wayne Dinkins (verified owner)

    Highest quality products available.

  6. Henry Mouser (verified owner)

    Pancea relieved the arthritis pain in my mother in law’s hands.

  7. “Local Customer” (verified owner)

    5 stars

  8. Torrie Andrews (verified owner)

    I put some Soothe on my boyfriends traps last night that were super sore and checked on him about a half hour later and he moved his head around and said “Huh, yeah I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t hurting any more!”

  9. Sue Dwigtzer (verified owner)

    Wa-hoo! Just tried panacea Soothe on an arthritic area on my mother’s back that has been paining her for years now. Within the 20 minutes we were goofing around, she realized her chronic pain had subsided by about 50%!!!

  10. Mary Rowan (verified owner)

    Panacea Soothe to the rescue! I started taking Pilates classes a month ago and there are a lot of planks and push-ups! Last Friday I tweaked my left wrist. On Saturday it hurt so bad I couldn’t even carry a water bottle. I rubbed a little Soothe on it and within minutes the pain was gone and it hasn’t come back! I cannot wait to try this on other areas!

  11. saoirse Janssen (verified owner)

    When I fell last week, the frame of my glasses made a deep gouge in my thumb joint. A few days later I decided to experiment with CBD oil. I put a drop directly on the wound and one on a bandage before going to bed. Luckily I had taken a picture a few days after the fall in which the wound shows, so I took more to track progress. The wound in the Before picture was still open and oozing. Now, it’s closed, dry and healing very nicely. I’ve never seen anything heal so quickly.

  12. Brenda Reynolds (verified owner)

    Soothe balm is pure genius! I’m using it on my elbow where I have chronic pain, massage it on and moments later, pain simply eases away. Brilliant!

  13. Caledona Modesta (verified owner)

    After working 10 straight hours under a 35 degree cold room got home with a rally bad discomfort with pain I tried using essential oils to get some relieve but only helped for a few seconds I APPLIED SOOTHE FROM PANACEA OH MY WHAT A DIFFERENCE AFTER A COUPLE OF MINUTES DISCOMFORT AND PAIN DISAPPEARED I FEEL SO GREAT THANK YOU PANACEA

  14. Ricki Vousacourt (verified owner)

    Here is a quote from my sister who struggles with severe joint pain. I love the Soothe salve and I asked her to try it a couple days ago on her sore and swollen knuckles……”I can vouch for the balm helping with rheumatic/arthritic knuckle pain. It even visibly decreased some of the swelling – which, to my surprise, has not returned more than 24 hours later?!*”

  15. Austin (verified owner)

    Thank you

  16. Al Marvey (verified owner)

    The Soothe topical is working wonders on the injuries my hands sustain with my work. Sure speeds up the recovery time & helps calm the pain some as well! Highly recommend all tradesmen have a jar of this stuff around!

  17. Frank Reynolds (verified owner)

    My mom is using Soothe for psoriasis…its helping with the irritation and pain so far

  18. Woody Kareyard (verified owner)

    Wow! I dropped a box of tile on my hand and smashed my finger and knuckles at 8:00 last night. Rubbed Panacea onto my hand several times last night. Pain lifted almost immediately! I could not bend my finger because it was so swollen. My finger and knuckles were cut and bruising.

  19. Wally Shayner (verified owner)

    I am so excited to share about my experiences with Panacea Soothe Salve. First time I used it was on my arthritic thumb. Literally rubbed it in and took away ALL of my pain in my thumb. I was somewhat in disbelief because nothing has ever worked on if! My second, third, fourth and fifth experiences happened this past week. I have MS and chronic pain. I am currently going through a relapse and my body, especially my arms, have been in burning nerve pain and inflammation. After applying this Salve all over my arms and hands, it has literally calmed my burning pain at least by 80%. Which is OUTSTANDING!! I have never been able to find any medication or balm that has ever helped my pain in my arms that I have had for 6 years. I seriously need a tub of this stuff! I am really looking forward to trying the Daily. I am hoping that it will help with my pain as well. Thank you

  20. Dan Young

    Previously I wrote a review of 4 stars this was an error. This product is 5 stars! Great long lasting pain relief

  21. Dan Young

    Great product. Fast and long lasting pain relief!

  22. NA (verified owner)

    Put the Soothe Balm on my tingling index and thumb 3 minutes ago and tingling has subsided quite a bit already.Wow that is fast .Trying the Daily later tonight.

  23. Brittan Krishner (verified owner)

    Splashed boiling water on my arm while cooking. Ended up with that bad burning sensation so i grabbed my Panacea Soothe balm and rubbed it on…. bam INSTANT relief burning is GONE! I love this stuff

  24. Anon (verified owner)

    I was putting some Soothe Balm on my tingling Fingers on Thursday Jan.10th 2019.I noticed that a pimple had appeared on my face.After shaving the skin had come loose when I grazed over it lightly with my Razor. I applied a small amount of Balm on it right then and on Friday. Now it is Sunday it is nearly healed.This CBD line of products that #PanaceaLife has brought to a global market is tremendous.

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