CBD edibles: What does edibles taste like?

So what does edibles taste like? It’s possible that you have seen some pretty wild cannabidiol (CBD) products out there. Things like CBD infused workout clothing. This is not all that surprising. People are finally starting to get the fact that CBD could be a very beneficial product. So, just about everyone is trying to jump on the trend. This leads to some silly products. However, there are some that are pretty great.

One particular kind of product that deserve some attention are CBD edibles. But why are edibles so popular? Let’s answer that question along with several others.

What should I know about CBD?

Let’s start out with the basics. Defining CBD and a few other things related to it.

CBD is a member of a rather large group of chemical compounds. They are called cannabinoids. So what does edibles taste like? Cannabinoids are very prominent in the cannabis plant and its variations: marijuana and hemp. When it is stated that cannabinoids are a large group that is not an exaggeration. There are over 113 different cannabinoids that are in cannabis plants. And that number only includes the cannabinoids that have been identified so far. It’s very likely that the number is going to grow as time and research go on.

CBD is not alone in its fame as a cannabinoid. There is another one that is just as famous, if not more. That would be tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is psychoactive, which is why it is so well known. That means that it creates a sort of inebriation that is more often referred to as a high. However, THC’s reputation often creates some confusion for CBD. Meaning that many people think that CBD is also psychoactive, just because of its association with THC. However, this assumption is unfair as CBD is not psychoactive at all. It never creates a high or an intoxication.

When making their products, most CBD manufacturers exclusively use hemp, and never marijuana. So what does edibles taste like? One of the main reasons behind this is the cannabinoid make up of each of the plants. Hemp has been bred over the years to have high levels of CBD and as minimal THC as possible. As a result, hemp is ideal for making CBD products because the CBD is easy to extract and the THC is not enough to cause a high (it is never more than 0.3%). This has also led hemp to being federally legalized in the United States, though there are some states that have not legalized it. So, it is easy to see the appeal of hemp, but why not use marijuana? Marijuana is just about the opposite of hemp. Over the years it has been bred to have high THC levels. Its CBD levels have been neglected, leading to the levels varying from plant to plant. Marijuana is also still federally illegal. While there are some states that have legalized it, in most it is still illegal.

One interesting thing to have happened over the last couple of decades is the incredible increase of studies on the effects of CBD. Currently, these studies are not enough to say that CBD will solve all of your problems. However, these studies have shown us that CBD hold the potential to help a lot of people with a lot of things. For example, some studies suggest that CBD could be useful for those with a nervous disposition. So what does edibles taste like? Other studies have found that CBD could help support decaying joint health. There are also studies that say that CBD may be a tool in the fight against acne.

As mentioned, these studies are still preliminary. Which means that we are still trying to understand what exactly CBD may be able to do. But currently, these studies are pretty promising. And we here at Panacea Life Sciences are pretty excited to see what else future studies may bring to our attention.

What about CBD edibles?

Now, on to edibles. Spend any time shopping for CBD or on any CBD-focused forums and you will find that they are a big deal. But why is that? Well, there are some pretty good reasons.

First, let’s just give a quick rundown about what CBD edibles are. So what does edibles taste like? They are any food or drink that has been made with CBD being one of the primary ingredients. Their most common form is as gummies, but those are not your only option. They could be anything from teas to breads. You can buy them at many different stores, or you can just make them yourself by including CBD oil in your cooking. Now, let’s get into what makes them so popular.

Most CBD products are taken orally. That can be a bit of a problem for some people, as CBD products can often have a hemp flavor to them. For some that is almost an appeal. But for many, they find that the flavor makes the CBD products hard to take. CBD edibles provide a solution to that. The edibles taste like whatever food or drink they are, so you do not have to experience that hemp flavor at all.

Another reason is that it is easy to know how much CBD you have taken. Many CBD products, like CBD oil for example, can get a little complicated in figuring out how much you have taken. Plus, it is all to easy to accidentally get a drop or two more than you meant to. While this is unlikely to hurt you, it is still frustrating. CBD edibles are made with the same amount of CBD in every serving. All you have to do is keep track of how many servings you have had. So what does edibles taste like? Easy enough!

CBD edibles, of course, do have their downside. They take the longest out of all CBD products to start working. This is because the food or drink needs to digest to release the CBD. Only after that can the CBD start working. However, the effects do also appear to last longer than any other CBD product. So, you just need to decide if the wait is worth it (we think it is).

Now that you have a better understanding of CBD edibles, why not try some? We here at Panacea Life Sciences work tirelessly to provide our customers with high-quality CBD products. This includes our Cherry Bomb CBD Gummies. They are made with our best locally sourced, organically grown hemp and have a fantastic cherry flavor. Give them a try today!