Soothe Sticks and CBD

CBD has been making waves since the passing of the 2018 Farm BillIt’s been making splashes on the covers of magazines from fashion to cooking to health. It didn’t just leak into the consumer market like some slow-moving dribble—it flooded the consumer market, and it is here to STAY.     

One facet of the CBD market that has gained substantial popularity is topicals, which is the umbrella term for one form of CBD usage defined by its application…that is, topically, to the body. Under this umbrella falls a range of products addressing equally numerous groups of concerns. One such topical that has recently snagged our attention here at Panacea Life Science is the innovative, efficient soothe stick.   

But before we dive in (you didn’t think I was done with the water metaphor, did you?), let’s get a little background information to help us fully understand what makes these soothe sticks, especially magically.   

All About Cannabidiol   

Cannabidiol, known affectionately as CBD, is 1 of over 480 naturally occurring chemical compounds derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. To break it down even further, it is 1 of over 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. What distinguishes cannabinoids from the rest is their ability to interact with receptor cells in our brain in a meaningful way. Another well-known cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol, infamously known as THC. The significant difference between the two, and the reason Congress finally decided to legalize CBD derived from hemp in 2018, is that THC is psychoactive while CBD is not. This means that how THC interacts with your brain induces a euphoric, sometimes disorienting intoxication, often referred to as a “high.” CBD, being non-psychoactive, does not produce significantly alter one’s state of mind. For a CBD product to be legal, it must contain no more than 0.3% THC. However, just because it can’t get you high doesn’t mean it has no meaningful effects.   

CBD is known to invoke feelings of calm, relaxation, and an overall lift in mood. It has also been shown to offer some other health benefits, which researchers have been. It is currently studying more to find out just how legitimate and valid these benefits may be. Feelings of discomfort have been a focal point of many studies and personal explorations of perceptions of discomfort management among the everyday individual. While many choose to ingest their CBD, whether that means administering a few drops of oil under their tongue or munching down on some yummy edibles, others turn to topicals.   

All About Topicals   

As we’ve already established, topicals are applied topically. Shocker, I know. Topicals are products you are well familiar with, such as lotions, balms, salves, creams, and more. They mainly consist of some combination of fat, wax, oil, extracts, and, of course, CBD oil. They can be used to manage or relieve acne, inflammation, sunburn, psoriasis, and several other skin conditions and feelings of discomfort related issues.   

What sets topicals apart from other forms of CBD is that it does not require one to ingest their CBD to reap some of its benefits. Instead, one can simply apply their CBD directly to the localized area of concern and target issues head-on without having to worry about the possible side effects associated with CBD, like fatigue, diarrhea, dry mouth, loss of appetite, and the risk of blood-thinning when combined with other medications. Moreover, since quite little is known about CBD’s long-term effects, choosing not to ingest it bypasses any chances of the unknown.   

As with anything, certain topicals may be more effective at targeting specific issues. One such topical has become an ideal and convenient option for a multitude of them. Can you guess which that might be?  

All About Soothe Sticks  

Excellent work, you are correct! Soothe sticks are basically how they sound. They come in stick form, similar to a deodorant stick or a giant Chapstick, and are used to soothe specific ailments. Like other topicals, Soothe Sticks typically combine CBD extract, essential oils, fats/oils (such as shea butter or avocado oil), and wax (such as soy or beeswax). However, stick topicals more likely have a denser wax content to achieve the ideal consistency for applying directly onto the body. Lotions, creams, and salves will have a higher oil content, or less dense wax content, to create the pourable, spreadable consistency we’re all familiar with.   

CBD Soothe sticks may be a potential fast-acting option for those seeking to help relieve muscle, joint, and back feelings of discomfort as it contains methyl and methyl lactateIn addition to the CBD’s inflammatory properties, the other ingredients of the Soothe Stick typically yield a “cooling” effect.  Just massage the soothe stick gently to the temples and breathe in the aromatic scents of clarifying eucalyptus, calming lavender…sounds like a spa day.  

All About Safety  

As mentioned, topicals are lovely because they provide targeted relief without the risk of side effects associated with ingesting CBD. That being said, side effects can also be experienced when anything new is applied directly to the body. Although they are quite rare, skin irritation is possible. This is particularly dependent upon the unique ingredients in the soothe stick of choice. As always, it is important to speak with a medical professional when considering integrating a new method into your health and wellness routine to make sure the product you’re using is of good quality and suits your individual needs and sensitivities.   

While Panacea Life Science’s does not have a soothe stick in their shop at the moment (hint, hint “at the moment”), we do have our very own topicals that could provide similar effects—and with us, the quality is always guaranteed.