CBD Vaping

Introduction to CBD Vaping

Vaping is experiencing a surge in popularity today and rumored as one of the most effective ways to consume cannabidiol (CBD). But is it?

In explaining the basics of vape pens, let us cover what is currently recognized in today’s terminology. Vaping involves the use of a device called an electric cigarette, also known as an e-cigar. The e-cigar is often shaped like the traditional cigarette (but can take other shapes.) commonly called a “vaping pen.” Vaping pens typically come with a battery for an internal heating coil, which in turn vaporizes the e-liquid or “juice” in another compartment.

The vaping pen and the e-liquid are the two most recognized ingredients for vaping. The vaping device allows you to vaporize the liquid and inhale the vapor while the e-liquid or juice produces an effect. How those effects come about, we’ll cover below.

Vaping devices have been around for quite some time. Vape instruments date as far back as 1927 when Joseph Robinson filed a patent. At the time, it was called a “mechanical butane ignition vaporizer.” (Application#: US1775947A). In his letter for the application, he outlines the purposes of his invention of the initial placement of a liquid into a superheated container that expels a mixed vapor of the liquid and other components added to it. Many variations have been created since, but this is considered the father of vaping devices that are officially recognized.

Vaping Vs. Diffusers

Some people seem to confuse vaping and diffusers as one in the same sort of invention. If it’s safe to use diffusers in your home, why not vape pens? Diffusers actually function far differently from a vaping device. Diffusers (typically aligned with essential oils mixed with water) work to cool water. When turned on, a small mist is shown leaving the diffuser. However, how that mist is created is by a mini vibrating disk that uses ultrasonic waves. This helps break the oil into microscopic particles as it pushes it into the air.

Vape pens work by heating coils that breakdown its interior to steam (or vapor) for inhalation. In recent years as vaping has grown in popularity, more competitors are working to push out vape pens, but not all of them are quality. Questions for lower end vape pens and their plastic have arisen, with good reason. It’s not science to explain that plastic will melt under the right conditions depending on how it was made, primarily as vape pens use either convection or conduction heating depending on their make/model. If cheap plastic is used within their manufacturing to keep prices low, erosion of any plastic could release toxins directly into what you breathe.

However, it’s not the only issue that vape pens face.

Disposable Vape Pens or Reusable Vape Pens?

Disposable vape pens have about an average of 150 seconds of inhalation use. That works out to be roughly a few days of regular use before being thrown away. Unfortunately, it’s becoming a more significant issue for other environmentally-minded CBD users. You cannot recycle disposable vape pens as easily as you can your plastic bottles or old cardboard boxes. They must be either thrown away in a landfill or brought to your local HMMF (Hazardous Materials Management Facility). The likely scenario of the two would be tossing it in your regular trash bin, versus making a trip to a designated facility.

Even if you decide to invest in a reusable high-quality vape pen, there are still some items to be wary of. It’s important to note that Marijuana resin is an acidic compound. Select types of acid have proven to show that it could degrade various sorts of plastic over time. If plastic corrodes, you could be ingesting toxic fumes from the plastics break down.

Even though vape pens, whether disposable or multi-use, have been touted as the best dosing method to receive CBD, there are a myriad of alternative dosing methods to get your daily CBD intake and feel the full benefits of CBD. Feel free to take a look around our store of available CBD alternatives to vaping.

How to Determine Your CBD Dosage

There is no universal dosage chart for everyone. Several factors influence the necessary amount of CBD oil an individual can consume. These factors include bioavailability, the delivery method, body weight, body chemistry, and the severity of the condition.

Bioavailability is one of the most important factors to consider when you need to decide a dosage for yourself. Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD oil that will get into your bloodstream after taking a CBD product.

Bioavailability is dependent on the delivery method. Different delivery methods have different absorption rates that include a time of onset, the maximum effect, and how long the effect will last. For instance, your body will absorb 5-15% of an oral CBD product, such as a CBD oil tincture. This means that if you take a 10 mg CBD product, your body will absorb only 0.25 mg to 0.75 mg!

Keep in mind that your dosage will increase or decrease depending on your body weight and if the severity of our condition.

What Does CBD Taste Like?

CBD oil comes in a lot of different flavors. As such, the taste of CBD will invariably be influenced by your choice of product.

There is a wide range of flavors you can choose from. Full- or broad-spectrum CBD oils have an earthy taste due to natural terpenes that may be included. Some have described the taste as ‘grassy,’ ‘peaty’ etc. The reason for such an earthy flavor is simple, when you are consuming CBD, what you’ll be tasting will be a mixture of the plant’s organic compounds, which will most often include chlorophyll, terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural components.

As such, the extract tends to feel earthy. For some, however, especially those who have not previously enjoyed Marijuana or Hemp, the taste will be a novel one. Even some smokers who have already used Marijuana feel that the oil extract tastes much like Marijuana, while some smokers outrightly dislike the taste.

Pure CBD or CBD isolate is odorless and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Products made with CBD isolate will not have the earthy taste and instead will take on the taste of the flavorings included in the product.


As discussed, vaping CBD products should be carefully considered as there are many options for obtaining daily CBD intake. We encourage you to explore all options for adding CBD to your dietary regimen. Whether it be by gummies, soft gels, tinctures, or vaping, we want to provide you the best information available when it comes to overall health and CBD. Panacea Life does not advocate for the method of vaping.