Are CBD edibles worth the hype?

It is no secret that the cannabidiol (CBD) industry is doing well right now. People have been interested in CBD and the potential benefits it may offer. As a result, there are a quite a few CBD products out there for people to try. There is one particular kind of CBD product that seems to be getting the most hype. That would be CBD edibles. But why do people enjoy them so much? Are they worth trying? Let’s answer those questions along with a few others.  

What is CBD, and what does it do?  

One thing that we need to cover before anything else is what CBD even is and how it many benefit its users.    

You have likely heard of the two main kinds of cannabis plants out there, hemp and marijuana. But do you know what it’s that makes them so special? It is a group of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Many of these compounds are found in cannabis plants, with over 113 cannabinoids that scientists have identified and named so far. CBD is one of these 113 cannabinoids. However, it is not likely to be the only one that you have ever heard of. Another cannabinoid that is even more famous is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  

The reason that you have likely heard of THC before is that it is psychoactive. This means that it is responsible for creating the high that is commonly associated with marijuana. Because THC is a cannabinoid, there are many people who confuse and/or conflate it with CBD. They believe that CBD could also create a high, that it is also psychoactive. However, these people are mistaken. CBD isnt‘ psychoactive at all and will not cause a high.  

When CBD manufacturers make CBD products, they tend to use hemp, rather than marijuana. While CBD can be found in both cannabis variations, the concentrations tend to be different. Hemp plants have very high concentrations of CBD, and very low concentrations of THC (less than 0.3%). This makes the extraction of CBD so much easier. Marijuana has high concentrations of THC, and varying levels of CBD. These concentrations are one of the main reasons why hemp is federally legal in the United States (with exceptions in some states), but marijuana is only legal in a handful of states and still federally illegal.  

While the studies on CBD’s effects are generally considered to still be preliminary, they are still growing in number at an encouraging rate. A majority of these studies have found some very exciting results, as well. For example, many studies have suggested that CBD could be helpful in achieving a greater sense of calm. Other studies have shown that CBD may be able to support joint health. There are even studies that have found that CBD could be useful in fighting acne. These are just a handful examples of the kind of studies surrounding CBD that have been going on over the last couple of decades. Odds are, as time goes on, we will learn more about the benefits this cannabinoid could offer us.  

Are CBD edibles worth exploring 

In case you were not sure, CBD edibles are any food or drink that has been made using CBD extract. As mentioned, they are incredibly popular among the CBD community. But why 

There are many reasons why people love CBD edibles. One of the main ones is how easy they are to take and control how much you take. Most CBD edibles are made to have the same amount of CBD in every serving. That way you know precisely how much CBD you have taken. This is rather different from other CBD products, like oils for example. With oils you measure out the amount with a dropper. However, it is all too easy to accidentally get an extra drop or two. While that is not the biggest of deals to many, there are some who are rather sensitive to CBD. If they take a little too much, it could cause some side effects (while the side effects are not serious, they are still not fun to deal with). With edibles, you do not have to worry about those extra drops.  

Another reason why edibles are so popular is the flavor. Some oral CBD products carry the earthy flavor of hemp. For many that is not a problem, it is even a bonus. But for others, it makes CBD very unpleasant. Luckily, CBD edibles do not have that problem. They tend to taste like whatever food or drink it is. The flavor of that food overpowers the herbal hemp taste. So, if you are concerned about the flavor of oral CBD products, then you may want to give an edible a try.  

However, it is not all good things with CBD edibles. The one downside of this product is that they tend to take the longest to start working out of all CBD products. This is because the food or drink needs to digest before the CBD can start doing its work. The flipside of this is that the effects do tend to last longer. So, there is a little bit of a trade-off with that negative aspect.  

If you are looking for something that will start working quickly, then you may want to look into using an oil or a tablet. Those are placed under the tongue, instead of simply swallowed. Because the skin beneath the tongue is thin, the CBD absorbs into the bloodstream quickly and starts its work faster.  

So, are CBD edibles worth all of the hype they are given? Well, that depends on you. After reading this article, hopefully you have better idea of the pros and cons of edibles. Then you will be able to decide if it is the right CBD product for you. If you are still not full convinced one way or another, why not give some edibles a try? We, here at Panacea Life Sciences, have our Cherry Bomb CBD Gummies. They are delicious and packed full of CBD. Check them out here.