What to look for when you buy CBD oil

As more and more people learn about cannabidiol (CBD) and the potential benefits it holds, the more the industry grows. But that means that there are many choices out there when looking for a CBD company to buy from. So, how do you find one that is trustworthy? With so many options, the idea of trying to find a good CBD company may seem daunting. But no need to worry. We here at Panacea Life Sciences are dedicated to making sure that people understand CBD and know what makes a good and a not-so-good CBD producer.

For starters: what is CBD?

It is always best to start simple when something seems daunting or intimidating. So, let’s start with the basics and define CBD.

Cannabis plants, like hemp and marijuana, have their own class of chemical components, known as cannabinoids. CBD is one of these. It is one of over 113 that have been identified so far, but there may be even more that scientists discover in the future. While CBD is certainly much more well-known than it used to be, there is still another cannabinoid that is much more famous. It is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC’s notoriety comes mainly from the fact that it is psychoactive. That means that it creates the inebriation, more often referred to as a “high.” There is some confusion surrounding CBD and THC. Many people think that because they are both cannabinoids that means that they are more-or-less the same, including the psychoactive effects. However, those who think this are understandably mistaken. CBD is not psychoactive. It does not create any sort of high. The closest it may come is it may help its users achieve a greater sense of calm.

CBD is usually derived from hemp rather than marijuana. This is because hemp has higher levels of CBD and low levels of THC. Marijuana is almost the opposite. It has high levels of THC and its CBD levels vary. Most CBD manufacturers also prefer hemp to marijuana for another reason:. Hemp is legal throughout the United States. The 2018 Farm Bill officially made hemp legal for farmers to grow and sell across the country (with certain restrictions in specific states). Marijuana is currently still federally illegal. There are some states that have legalized it. Some only for medicinal uses, and others for recreational purposes.

There have been many studies that have looked at the potential benefits that CBD could provide. For example, this study found that CBD was useful in helping people keep calm when facing a stressful situation. Another study found CBD to be very helpful in reducing inflammation caused by a lung injury. This study concluded that CBD could be great tool in trying to keep down acne. These are just a few examples of what researchers have been discovering about the cannabinoid. Odds are, there is even more to learn about it.

So, now that you have a better idea of what CBD is, let’s talk about what you should look for in your CBD provider.

What should I look for when buying CBD?

The CBD industry certainly is growing, both in size and notoriety. However, that does not mean that everything is settled when it comes to regulations that exist for more traditional food and dietary supplement companies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been working hard to determine the best way to establish rules to establish potency and purity standards. There is still much work that needs to be done. In the meantime, it is best to know what makes a good, trustworthy CBD company, and what to look out for when it comes to the not-so-trustworthy.

One thing that is always worth looking at when buying any product, but especially with CBD, are reviews. You should read the reviews of both the products you are interested in and the company you are thinking of buying from. Look for reviews on the company’s site and on third party sites. This way you ensure you are not getting biased reviews, because it is not unlikely for the company’s site to only have positive reviews, and no CBD company is completely perfect.

When you are looking into a CBD manufacturer to buy from be sure to spend some time exploring their site. They should have some very important information readily available on their website. They should have information about their extraction and/or production processes. If they are not transparent about that then you should stay away. Extraction and production processes are not things that CBD companies need to or should hide.

Another thing to look at on a CBD company’s website is information about their testing process. They should include what they test for. They should also have a third party test their products as well. This acts as some double checking and to ensure that there is no bias in their testing process. If they do not have that information, then there is a chance they are not testing their products at all and you should avoid them.

A trustworthy CBD company should also have information about the latest FDA regulations and guidelines. This shows that they are staying up to date and make sure that they are compliant. Again, if this information is not readily available on their site, they may not be worth buying from.

Different kinds of CBD products

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a CBD company, it is probably time to talk about what options you have when you finally settle on a provider.

Tinctures & oils

These are often considered the more traditional of CBD products. CBD oils and tinctures are CBD extract that has been mixed with carrier oils, like coconut oil for example. These provide some flexibility when it comes to taking them. You can take them by mixing them in with some food or drink. But if you take an oil or tincture this way, you do need to wait for the food or drink to digest before the CBD can enter your system and start working. You can also take a tincture or oil by placing drops directly into your mouth. This way, the CBD absorbs through the thin skin under your tongue and starts working much more quickly.


CBD edibles are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They are food or drink that have been made with CBD infused in it. These are some of the most popular CBD products. This is likely because they are easy to take and taste great. When taking edibles, it is important to remember that they tend to take the longest for the CBD to start working. This is because, like with eating something with CBD oil mixed in, the food needs to digest before the CBD can enter your system. They also tend to have the longest lasting effects.

Capsules & tablets

If you would rather have your CBD in pill form, then you should look for CBD capsules and/or tablets. CBD capsules are the most similar to regular pills, but they are normally made as soft gels. That means that they have been made using liquid CBD extract. This makes it so they digest faster and start working quicker as a result. The CBD tablets are usually sublingual. That means that you take them by placing one under your tongue and allowing it to dissolve. Like when you take an oil or tincture directly, the CBD absorbs through the thin skin under the tongue and enters the bloodstream much faster.

FDA-approved medications

Research into CBD and its benefits has led to some exciting developments. Namely, it has led to some CBD-based medications that have been officially approved by the FDA. The first one is called Epidiolex. The goal of that medication is to help reduce the number of epileptic seizures caused by Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes. The other few CBD-based medications that have been approved by the FDA are ones that are made to help with the nausea that often comes with cancer treatments.


CBD topicals include any product that you place or rub onto your skin that has been made with CBD. Unlike CBD products that are taken orally, the CBD in topicals typically never reach the bloodstream. Instead they absorb through the pores and their effects generally stay in the place that they are used. This means that they are likely to have a more localized effect than the oral CBD products, which are more likely to provide you with an overall effect.

As the CBD industry grows, it is more than likely that there will be different kinds of products that will pop up. For now, these are the main ones to know.

Does CBD have any negative side effects?

Yes, it does when very high concentrations of CBD are ingested. The negative side effects that you may experience with CBD are not necessarily all that dangerous. But they should still be taken seriously. These side effects tend to include things like mild dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. They are more often associated with taking too much of the cannabinoid. So, it is not too hard to avoid these side effects. You just need to take the right amount for you. But how do you figure out what is the right amount of CBD for you? That is a question that is not all that easy to answer

There is no one set amount of CBD that is right for people of a particular weight or age. While those factors can come into play, there is a lot more to it than that. Everyone has a slightly different experience with the cannabinoid. Some people need a lot of it, others only require a little before they start noticing effects. So, to find the right amount of CBD for you, you will need to experiment a little. It is best to start with a small amount and wait to see how that sits with you. Remember that some products take longer than others for them to start working. If you do not feel any negative side effects but are not getting your desired results, then you can up the amount that you take. There is no need to test your limits with CBD, so do not take it until you feel the negative side effects. Once you find the smallest amount that gives you good effects without any of the bad, then you know that is the right amount for you.

It is important to remember that not all medications mix well with CBD. Some of them do not work as well when taken with the cannabinoid. Others stop working entirely. If you want to take CBD, but are already on medication, be sure to discuss it first with your healthcare provider. They should know what risks are included.

Approaching the CBD industry when you are new to it can feel more than a little intimidating at times. It feels like there are so many companies out there and so much to know about them and the cannabinoid. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a bit of a guide to help you find the right CBD product and a good company to buy it from. This way you can dive headfirst into the world of CBD with even more confidence than before.

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