CBD Skincare

CBD is becoming more and more popular and this adaptable cannabinoid is found in a plethora of daily use products. These products range from oils to tinctures, to vapes and cigarettes, and all the way to consumable products. Think of all the ways one could use this new-old technology. 

The range of CBD products is far, wide and diverse but, there is one type of product that you may not have heard of. CBD Balm! CBD balm is useful for fairly quick and specific area relief. Uncomfortable with the idea of ingesting CBD? CBD balm may be the best way to ease yourself into it. 

Curious as to whether these products will work for you? Or what kinds of CBD balm are available? This post was written for you. We here at Panacea Life will outline what CBD balms may do, what kinds of CBD balm are available, and how to differentiate between CBD balms and other types of CBD in this article.  

What are the benefits of a CBD balm? 

CBD balms or CBD salves are the two names a topical CBD is referred to as. Both of those terms technically mean the different things but they both have a similar end goal. Both types are generally made from the same common ingredients. 

Just one of a large variety of CBD topicals, CBD balms, are generally made from cannabinoid extracts from the Cannabis Sativa plant. These are the products that are extracted from Hemp. Hemp is a type of Cannabis defined as Cannabis with less than 0.3% THC, because of its high amounts of CBD and low THC (which is the component that causes psychoactive effects). These CBD balms have been around for centuries which are in correlation to ancient Europe and Egypt. Those CBD balms were used to help remedy skin infections. The balms were also used to help localized pain and inflammation as well as a disinfectant. 

Now here in the present day, according to this 2015 study from the University of Kentucky, CBD balms may assist against arthritic joint pain and inflammation. As noted, CBD balms are used for applications such as this and backed by a few scientific studies including the one mentioned above, and they keep becoming more popular with new information.

This research shows also that CBD balm has the potential to be effective against multiple skin conditions and psoriasis, as well as general overall muscle soreness.

How Does CBD Balm Work?

The CBD extracts are used through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to provide potential benefits. The ECS is a large and wide collection assortment of small receptors that work to maintain wellness throughout the body. The receptors that compose the ECS can be found throughout the body. The areas this includes are, immune cells, organs, tissues, glands, brain, and the skin.

CBD products that are ingested for example, edibles, capsules or types of tinctures, find their way into the bloodstream in a different way than CBD balm. These types enter either through the mucous membrane of a person’s mouth or the digestive system and then interact with the ECS, and then it helps balance the ECS function.

CBD products that are topical work differently with your body than ingestible products. The general use of CBD topicals are to assist in discomfort through a specific area. The topicals interact with the ECS receptors and system through the skin

The absorption rate is lower than other products, like the ingestible kind. Because of this it is a slower absorption rate and therefore will not have to travel through the body and could possibly create fast relief. 

Are there common types of CBD Balm? 

CBD balms, salves, and ointments are all in the same category because they are all made of almost the same ingredients. These similar ingredients include: A natural wax product, commonly beeswax, fatty oil base, and of course, CBD extract. An optional ingredient may be essential oils for aroma.

Balms are usually thicker in consistency and have a higher wax concentration. Because of the thickness of a balm they are better to be applied for extremely localized areas and are better than ointments in this case.

Ointments and salves have a much thinner consistency and their wax content is lower than balms and therefore closer to being a liquid. Just because the topical is not as thick does not mean it doesn’t work as well. The ointments and salves perform the same task at hand, but, just in different ways. They also distribute the CBD to the skin and it may be helpful to provide some type relief to the applied areas of the body.

Those who want to explore CBD balms can generally choose between three main types of the product:

  • Full-Spectrum Balm: Full-Spectrum CBD balm contains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids found in Hemp and Cannabis. This includes over 113 cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, as well as many others. Although the THC content is usually less than 0.3% to there is no psychoactive effects present. If you choose a Full-Spectrum product it may enable the user to enjoy the entourage effect that these compounds create together.
  • Broad-Spectrum Balm: Similar to Full-Spectrum balm, Broad-Spectrum CBD contains all of the compounds found in the Hemp plant. But, contain no traces of any THC. Choosing this type of balm still gives the user benefits from the entourage effect because the other cannabinoids are still found in the extract. 
  • CBD Isolate Balm: CBD Isolate is for those who prefer to use a CBD without any other cannabinoids.

Not into Balms? Try these:

There is a wide variety of CBD topicals to choose besides the noted above. Here are just a few: 

  1. Lotions and Creams: As one knows, CBD lotions and CBD creams are made to moisturize/hydrate the skin. Lotions and creams are very similar to balms but they contain more water and therefore are thinner in consistency. Lotions and CBD cream are usually applied for over all skin effects were as balms that are meant to assist in smaller areas. 
  2. Transdermal CBD patches: Transdermal patches are designed for users that want a controlled and application of CBD. This CBD-infused patch is generally applied to the skin with a stick-on patch similar to a band aid. The patch is designed to gradually release CBD out of the patch and onto then in your skin. This means there is a constant and controlled amount of centered CBD going into your body through the area on your skin. Generally most topical CBDs do not enter into the bloodstream, the patches do. They are ideal for people that need a constant amount of CBD applied throughout an extended time but don’t prefer but don’t want to ingest anything. 
  3. Bath Bombs with CBD: The bath bombs you know and love can now be infused with CBD extract. These products are made to feel CBD on an entire body scale. When the bath bomb is dropped into water in a bathtub, the attempt  is for the CBD extract to spread through the water and then from there into the skin. Something to note here is that there are questions over whether this idea actually works because CBD is not usually made to be water-soluble. With that being said, it is possible to create an emulsified, water-soluble CBD compound specifically ready for all bubble baths.

Wrap Up

That should be enough information for you to have a bare minimum understanding of CBD balms and other topicals. These CBD skin products may do wonders for you if you suffer a specific skin or localized issue that you want to maintain. These products could serve as additions to edible products used during a need-be basis. 

Whatever you prefer, these topicals of all kinds may be a safe way for you to explore types of CBD products before choosing ones that you ingest. Check out our selection of products if you’re curious to see what may be your perfect fit.