Tell me more about CBD gummies

These products are a lot like Haribo, but with very different side effects – here is what you need to know about cannabidiol (CBD) gummies.

With CBD working its way into every household whether on the news, by word of mouth, or because you are supplementing CBD yourself, chances are you have heard of CBD gummies or at least CBD.

CBD comes from the Cannabis plant, which houses many of the same benefits of Cannabis; however, without containing THC, responsible for producing a ‘high.’ CBD’s lack of THC allowed it to be legalized in the U.S alongside many other countries across the globe, working wonders for many.

Taking CBD and CBD products such as gummies may improve sleep, help with your state of mind, and even reduce inflammation. Check out this article if you want to know more about CBD for sleep. However, before getting into the specific benefits of taking CBD gummies, let’s first discuss gummies themselves alongside other alternatives. 

What are CBD gummies? 

CBD gummies are sweets or candies which contain CBD, allowing you to receive the benefits of taking CBD in a much more discrete, fun, and tasty way.

These CBD gummies are great for those who are not fans of swallowing capsules or pills, who do not want to take the CBD oil itself, or quite frankly would like their CBD to taste great – almost as if you would not know it was CBD. CBD candies can be a great way to disguise that CBD taste. If you need to take care of your oral health afterwards, there are even CBD toothpastes to try.

Why should you choose CBD?

CBD gummies are great for beginners looking to get into CBD, as they are discrete, pocket-sized, and full of flavor. You can take these without getting stared at.

However, research on CBD is still preliminary, with CBD being relatively new to the health and wellness market. CBD candies, in particular, are less acknowledged. Each different brand uses different quantities of CBD oil for their gummies.

Therefore, it is essential to take in the information on each pack of gummies separately – do not treat one bag the same as the next. While it is difficult to overdose on CBD products, it does not hurt to be a little cautious from time to time, especially with some of the known side-effects.

Are there any side-effects to taking CBD gummies?

While CBD gummies are convenient and full of flavor, there are some potential side-effects you should probably know.

Potential side effects include:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Weight fluctuation
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Changes in appetite

While one user may experience unusual levels of fatigue or changes in appetite, another may not be affected whatsoever. So, what do we recommend? We suggest trying CBD candies in smaller quantities to begin with. This will help you to see what works best for you and how your body responds to it.

Existing research suggests that CBD may react with enzymes produced by the liver, stopping any other medications that rely on the liver from being efficiently broken down.  This can cause side effects from the prescription drug as the level of the prescription medication may increase in the body.  We recommend that people wishing to start a CBD regimen consult with their physician to avoid any drug-drug interactions.

What are the benefits of supplementing CBD?

Okay, now that we have got any potential side-effects out of the way, let’s discuss the good stuff.

So, what are the benefits of taking CBD and CBD gummies?

  1. Regulate inflammation response
  2. Help achieve a state of calm
  3. Convenient & tasty
  4. May help reduce epileptic seizures

To begin with, many individuals choose to take CBD and CBD products, such as CBD candies, to help with creating a calm state of mind. Research suggests that the CBD changes the way the brain responds to serotonin, inhibiting reuptake. This may result in reduced heart rate, stress, and might even assist one’s ability to fall asleep.

Second, a popular method for including CBD gummies in one’s diet is to regulate inflammation. This includes chronic inflammation relief from conditions such as arthritis or MS, as well as much more acute inflammation sustained from short-term injuries.

Third, as we have previously touched upon, CBD gummies are both convenient and tasty. A much more manageable and exciting way to take CBD if you are not a fan of alternative methods such as creams and topicals or CBD tinctures.  

Are CBD gummies healthy?

Good question. As CBD gummies are candies or sweets, this generally means they are going to contain a considerable amount of sugar. The quantity of this sugar depends on each brand; however, it is something to be wary of, especially if you are not one to react well to copious amounts of sugar in your diet. 

Is CBD legal? 

Industrial hemp and hemp-derived products are legal throughout the United States.  Many other countries other than the United States have also legalized CD products.

The bottom line 

CBD gummies are a convenient, fun, and alternative method to ingesting and supplementing CBD, especially when compared to other means, including capsules, CBD oil, or even CBD tinctures.

While research is still happening, current research on CBD does point in the right direction. However, be wary of the side effects and as always consult a medical professional before purchasing and or supplementing CBD yourself.

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