What are the ways to give CBD to your cat?

From 2015, there are approximately two million films of cats have been viewed on YouTube over a billion times.  These stats tell for themselves that how much people adore cats. CBD has been advertised to benefit dog health, but what about cats?  Let’s peek carefully at how CBD can be an excellent preference for cats as well.   

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound extracted from the hemp plant, which is very popular for its capability to endorse joint health and encourage tranquility.  

Most CBD products must have below or at 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) another natural chemical element in the hemp plant that generates psychoactive results and therefore is not federally legal.  

How CBD is useful for cats   

CBD’s potential ability to offer relief for our furry pal is through a complex system of enzymes and receptors in all mammals called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps the body maintain homeostasis, meaning will stimulate under responsive systems, and dampen when the body overreacts.  The ECS modulates diverse functions in the body ranging from inflammation, mental calmness to skin health. Cats that undergo frequent restless behaviors, such as hiding, violent behavior, or compulsive grooming, may benefit from CBD as CBD’s contact with the ECS system may help stimulate more comfort and potentially discourage harmful behaviors.   

Benefits CBD offers for cats 

Products that feature CBD have gained in popularity among pets in the past few years. By backing lasting health, animals of young or old age may reap these perks of CBD:   

  • It may be useful for animals to show tenseness or hyperactivity.  
  • It may assist in upholding the mental and physical wellbeing of animals.  
  • It may offer nutrients for the welfare of elderly animals.  
  • It may be able to support the enduring health of animals.  
  • It may help your pets to sustain tranquility.

CBD amount for cats   

CBD dosage for cats usually depends on the size, age, and product you are using. Just keep in mind that cats are more sensitive towards CBD dosage as compared to dogs. Observe your cat’s behavior and temper and fix your mode of dose accordingly.   

Ways to give CBD oil to your cat   

Several cat owners have shown their concerns about the ways of giving CBD oil to them. Cats are, in general, fussier and more sensitive than dogs. So, here we are offering you a few tips and tricks that we have observed for cats.   

How to give them CBD products   

  • You can simply add CBD products to their treats and food or just drop directly into their mouth.   
  • Clean the dropper before using it for them.   
  • You can also dabble CBD oil to your feline’s paw. Cats contain a habit of licking; they will lick that fat from their paws and mission accomplished!