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What does CBD feel like for a dog?

Perhaps you have used cannabidiol (CBD) yourself and are curious as to how your animal would react to such things. Well, look no further. Panacea Life Sciences is determined to educate our customers in the most efficient way possible. Although there is no way to possibly communicate with your furry friends, we can watch and learn and take notes on their actions. CBD is widely popular but still needs lots of research to be understood more. Like many others, we are working to make that possible. For now, we can use the information we have to build a foundation to understand what CBD can do for you as well as your dog. Let’s first start with the basics. What is CBD?

CBD: What is it?

Here are the basics of what CBD is and what it is not. CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is often confused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These two cannabinoids are often found together but are distinct compounds found at different levels in hemp and marijuana plants.

THC is the cannabinoid that you are likely to have heard of before CBD. This is because THC is the cannabinoid that gives users the psychoactive feeling or the ‘high’ associated with marijuana use. Unlike THC CBD has no psychoactive components. CBD has been described to potentially provide many health wellness benefits.

CBD may be derived from the hemp plant as well as the marijuana plant. How may this be? Hemp and marijuana are both variations of the Cannabis sativa plant. Marijuana, however, contains greater amounts of THC and therefore is not legal in all fifty states. The states that have legalized the use and growth of marijuana have strict limits as to who can partake. Some states use marijuana for medicinal purposes, recreational purposes, or both.

CBD has been legalized across the country because of the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill allows farmers to grow and sell the hemp plant throughout the United States. A CBD product must have less or at 0.3% of THC to be legally sold as a CBD product. That 0.3% of THC will not get CBD users high as it is not enough to make a psychoactive effect.

CBD and man’s best friend

So, what about CBD and your dog? Why use it? How do you give it to your dog? Is it safe? These are all valid questions and we will do our best to answer. Like we have stated before there is still a lot of research that needs to be done. But we here at Panacea Life Sciences have done a bit of our own research.

In this study we focused on  horses (equine). Even though this study is not geared toward dogs, but it can still be helpful when looking at CBD for pets and animals in general. These horses were given fifty milligrams of CBD two times a day for two weeks. Before the study, these horses were seen to have visible movement impairment or feelings of anxiousness. At the end of the two weeks the results and indicated that CBD improved the gait of horses in the study and trended to decrease anxiety-related behaviors. 

In another study we asked pet owners of dogs with age-related movement disorders to give them CBD to see if there would be any improvements to their conditions. We asked these pet owners to give their dogs CBD twice a day for four weeks straight. One milligram was administered for each 5 kilograms of body weight to make sure the dog was getting the proper amount for its size. The pet owners also took an online weekly test as well as before and after videos were taken of dogs doing certain movements. After the four weeks, we found that all of the measures we had taken had significantly improved. The dogs in the study had increased mobility and because of this we can understand that CBD may assist with improvement of joint health and flexibility in those dogs who have age related movement issues.

Now that we understand that there are valuable uses for CBD among the animal world. What CBD products are there?

CBD products for animals

There are a handful of CBD products available for animals. Here are some of them:

  • Feline CBD relief cream: This product is formulated to put apply to the skin on the inside of a feline’s ears to assist with feelings of anxiousness, discomfort, and inflammation. Like all of Panacea’s pet products, this is also a THC free product.
  • Equine CBD tablets: These are specially formulated for horses. These contain 50mg of THC free CBD. Tablets dissolve in the mouth and are easy to administer. Each bottle contains 30 tablets. A monthly subscription is available as well.
  • Canine CBD tincture: Our CBD tincture comes in a variety of different milligrams for different sizes of dogs. This is also a THC free product that can be diluted in water, added to food, or administered directly to the mouth.
  • Canine CBD soft gels: These soft gels are full of 5mg of THC free CBD, as well as fish oil for a range of health benefits. These soft gels are shaped like a fish with an easy twist off end for easy administration into the jowl. Or you can add these to your dog’s food.

Now what?

Unfortunately, we cannot speak with our favorite household pets. But we can watch for different actions and moods to ensure that CBD is having a positive impact on your animal. As always, we recommend talking with a veterinarian before administering CBD to your pet. Watching closely to your pet during this time is important. Always start with a low amount and slowly increase as you deem fit. It is also important to make sure that your pet product is THC free, as THC can be toxic to animals. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns surrounding CBD and your pet at [email protected].