What makes a CBD edible good?

Are you looking to take CBD edibles? If so, you’re going to want to know what to look for.

Chances are you’ve heard the word “edible” in some relation to Cannabis, most notably in the form of “pot brownies” – a craze which started in the late 1960s and led to record cases of the munchies.

However, edibles are not only exclusive to Cannabis. With the rising popularity of CBD, it most likely comes as no surprise that CBD edibles are now also available. CBD edibles are a popular option as these are legal in all states, along with the fact that edibles do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC – the cannabinoid responsible for producing the Cannabis’ famous “high.”

If you’ve spoken to someone who takes CBD or if you have tried it yourself, chances are you know not all methods taste great. Edibles are definitely the tastiest choice of the bunch. 

However, before getting into CBD edibles and whether or not they are good, let’s first summarise CBD and the many benefits it houses.

What are CBD and CBD edibles?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is taken from a special strain of the Cannabis plant called industrial hemp. It contains the same compounds found within marijuana. However, as we said previously, hemp does not contain THC and doesn’t produce a high like traditional Cannabis.

As THC is not included, this has allowed CBD to become legalized in all states within the U.S. as well as many other countries across the globe. As always, before trying to purchase and/or supplement with CBD, please discuss the benefits with a medical professional first.

As you’ve probably already guessed, there are many different ways to take CBD – and yes, making CBD brownies is one of them. Nevertheless, alternative methods include CBD tinctures, capsules, and a slightly riskier method known as vaping, which we’ve covered in another article.

However, one of the more popular and tasty methods of ingesting CBD is the use of edibles. These edibles, as the name suggests, are quite simply anything that can be eaten. This includes gummies, protein bars, various snacks, and dried fruit. As you can imagine, there are endless amounts of edibles available. The real challenge is finding the best ones for you.

What are the benefits of CBD edibles?

Over recent years, many benefits of CBD have come to light. Generally, these CBD edibles contain CBD in the form of CBD oil, offering an easier-to-dose experience for those looking to supplement with CBD.

Firstly, it is well documented (within current research) that CBD has been used to reduce discomfort.

Secondly, one of the more popular reasons for users taking CBD is its ability to promote calm. Supplementing CBD has been seen to reduce resting heart rate, improve sleep quality (as well as being able to fall asleep quicker), and also reduce symptoms of PTSD.

Thirdly, unlike some other methods, CBD edibles are easy to dose, especially when buying pre-made products. After all, it’s pretty difficult to eat more than one CBD protein bar without realizing it.

Finally, CBD edibles, in particular, provide longer-lasting relief, especially when compared to CBD vapes or tinctures. This is because these edibles first need to be digested, acting as a slow-release throughout the coming hours. This is great if you’re having a day out and are unable to vape (if this is your chosen method), or if you’re not a particular fan of supplementing CBD in the first place.

With that being said, current research does support many other benefits, including for acne and promoting calm. However, it is important to note that as CBD is relatively new to the health and wellness market, existing research is limited.

As you’ve probably already guessed, as CBD oil is easily accessible in many countries (and legal), you can also make your own edibles at home – just make sure to follow a recipe and use the correct quantity of CBD oil to prevent any nasty side-effects from overdosing. Reported side effects are mild, including changes in appetite, nausea, and diarrhea, and are usually only associated with high dosing regimens.

So, what makes a CBD edible good?

So, the million-dollar question: what makes a CBD edible good?

Firstly, your CBD edible of choice is going to want to be easily digestible, and that sits well in your stomach. If you wouldn’t usually eat a protein bar, don’t opt for a CBD protein bar, it’s that simple!

Secondly, opt for natural ingredients within the CBD edible if possible. CBD edibles that contain artificial sweeteners or sugars are not only bad for your health but take away from the overall CBD effect. Instead, you want to opt for natural ingredients like real fruit juices or cane sugar.

Thirdly, make sure the CBD edible you’re purchasing is infused – this simply means it contains the CBD itself, unlike other edibles that are often just sprayed with CBD to save money. This is where your keen eye comes in when shopping for CBD products, always read the description to get your full dollars’ worth.

Last but not least, ensure the CBD edible you’re purchasing uses third-party, independent laboratory testing. This nullifies the risk of contamination and improves the overall quality of the CBD you are purchasing.

The bottom line 

CBD edibles are a great alternative to other methods of supplementing CBD, such as tinctures and oils. However, before purchasing these edibles, it’s important to know what makes these good and worth your money.

To receive the highest quality product and, of course, non-contaminated CBD, we suggest following our recommendations made above.

Finally, before taking CBD, please do consult with a medical professional to ensure it’s safe to do so – taking CBD is personal, and each individual may react differently.

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